Washington State Gun Laws, can't find the info
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Thread: Washington State Gun Laws, can't find the info

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    Washington State Gun Laws, can't find the info

    I am moving to Washington in a few months and am having trouble finding information pertaining to gun and ammo laws. I currently reside in California and have no problem finding stuff here. Everywere I look I can only come up with conceal carry and how to apply. I am pretty much an expert on that now. lol, after 90 days I will be applying.

    I pretty much want to know what weapons are illegal to own. I can only find machine guns, but that is Federal. I want to know which weapons are outlawed by State Regulation.

    Also Ammo. I want to know what ammo is illegal as well as Magazines. In CA, a 10 round mag is the most I can own outside of Law Enforcement etc... I've search Google under ammo capacity for the state, as well as clip capacity (I know it's wrong, but not everyone always uses the correct verbage), as well as other veriations.

    So can anyone help me out here? Also I'll be moving to the Seattle area and would love some shooting buddies as well as some people I can rely on when I have a question. I don't mind traveling to meet new friends once I move up there.

    Thanks all!

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    wolfhunter Guest
    From the Resources button at the top of the page:
    Washington Concealed Carry Permit Information

    This should help. Not many states have capacity limits, or lists of "legal/banned guns"

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    Chapter 9.41 RCW: Firearms and dangerous weapons



    That's basically all there is in Washington. There are a couple WAC's (Washington Administrative Code) - one for instance bans firearms in daycare centers. But those are administrative codes and not criminal in nature.

    These guys are a great group:

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    Well I don't have all the answers to your questions but I may be able to help. First off, where exactly are you moving? I lived about 40 minutes southeast of Seattle for 18 years but I currently live in Spokane.

    You'll find that getting your CCW here is really easy and fast compared to California (from what I have read) though it does take longer in lets say Seattle than it would in a small town. For example, I applied for mine in Cheney (small college town near Spokane) and received it the very next day.

    As far as I know without doing any research, most all semi-auto guns are allowed, all FMJ and JHP ammo, some silencers (at least that's what the seller at the gun show claimed), and I do not believe clip capacity is limited as I have a 14 round clip for my S&W .40VE and my Dad has a Glock 19 with a 15+1 clip.

    Anyway, I hope you end up liking Washington a little better than Cali, and I hope I was of some use!

    The D.E.N.N.I.S. System=Failsafe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rice8644 View Post
    some silencers
    Silencers are legal to possess in Washington, but all silencers are ILLEGAL to USE in Washington. You can have it, just don't connect it to the gun or it becomes illegal.

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    LOL that makes perfect sense. Though for how Left leaning Washington is, our gun laws are pretty legit.
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    I don't know exactly where in Seattle I'm going to live yet. I'm moving towards the end of July-ish, but nothing is set in stone. I'm still looking for work, which will probably determine where I live. I have friends a bit to the South of Seattle, I might look towards Redmond (Looking at Microsoft, but I don't really care where I work. Would love to become involved and employed by the firearms industry).

    All this info is great to hear! It's leaps and bounds over CA. So not much in the way of restrictions huh? So I could for instance have a 30 round mag? 50 round drum on a .22? Just want to make sure I don't come away with a felony.

    Silencers are legal to own, but illegal to attach and shoot? I love wacky laws like that! Look but don't touch, lol. I don't see me using one, I don't see how I ever would need one, but still *wink wink* Does that apply to muzzle breaks? I know some states don't specify between the two.

    Yes I am looking forward to the move. I can't wait. I love the rain and cooler weather. Looking forward to a white X-Mas for the first time. I get to reinvent myself up there. So much outdoors stuff to do. I suffer from the heat here during the summer. I'm in San Diego (La Mesa to be exact).

    Any other odd laws, or anything else I should know would be great.

    Now I just need a good Irish Pub, a few shooting buddies, and I'll be set.

    Thank again everyone, you've made me feel extremly welcome!

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    No magazine limits.

    Muzzle breaks are fine, the prohibition is on the use of specifically silencers.

    The pamphlet I linked to earlier pretty much explains everything and the RCW's I linked to are all the firearms laws. We have very strong state preemption, so local cities/counties cannot enact their own laws, except in very limited circumstances.

    I've open carried getting my Washington State ID Card, registering my vehicles and riding the WA State Ferries. Try that in Kalifornia!

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    Well I wouldn't bank on a white Christmas... Washington is a little unpredictable. Last winter just about everywhere in the state had at least a foot of snow (Spokane had 59 inches) yet this year we haven't any more than a few inches in the Spokane area.

    As far as the unlimited mags, I would check with your local PD when you move here just to avoid any irritations lol.

    Redmond is a really nice place with a price tag to boot. Though it might be comparable to SoCal. As far as shooting buddies, I'm in the same boat, yet driving 4 hours to shoot a few rounds is a stretch
    The D.E.N.N.I.S. System=Failsafe

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Rice8644 View Post
    As far as the unlimited mags, I would check with your local PD when you move here just to avoid any irritations lol.
    Respectfully, the local PD has got nothing to do with it. There are no magazine limits in Washington state.

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