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Thread: Opinion Time: Taurus TCP vs. Ruger LCP

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    Hey everyone....first post here "great site". Well I figure I will give my 2 cents worth on the comparison. I own/carry an LCP and I have yet to have any kind of malfunction whatsoever. This little gun is amazingly accurate for what it is, and I trust it with my life. The fit and finish is excellent...the feed ramp is nicely polished, the long trigger pull is smooth and consistent on mine, the takedown and cleaning is a snap, and my son also loves to shoot it. The Taurus products have come a long way "kinda like Harley" and they don't deserve the bad rep that they still seem to have. On the otherhand....I feel they are still inferior "somewhat" to some of the other manufacturers in terms or fit and finish and overall quality. There are too many sharp edges on the slides "and other parts" of several Taurus models, I racked the slide on a PT slim and cut my finger really bad, I couldn't believe it. I had a Taurus 357 stainless for years, and would buy another revolver from them in a heartbeat. Except for their Beretta clones "might be better than some Beretta's", I will more than likely not own any semi auto from them to carry. They are great guns for the money, and they will only get better with time. I have never had any issues with my Glock 19 "which I also at times carry", it doesn't care what I feed it and just goes bang every time. So far that has also been my experience with my other Rugers, and their customer service is very good.

    I think they come out with too many models in a short period, but they need to perfect their lines over a longer period. Rushing models just to get them into our hands, usually doesn't play out too well in the end. Although I feel many OEM's do it much better and quicker than Taurus currently does.

  3. My two cents..NO..not all Taurus models are bad. They've made SOME good products
    BUT the TCP ain't one of them.
    I may have to send mine back as trying to sell it on consignment at the gun shops is futile.
    I can hardly get six shots in a row through this thing without a failure to feed or a failure to eject. I've tried various ammo, cleaning, oiling, reassembly, etc. etc. over and over...through much painful clearing of jams etc. I've somehow managed to get about 150 rounds through it! still as bad as it was from day one. I and others who have shot mine all agree that even when it does fire, it's very inconsistent and really hard to demonstrate ANY kind of accuracy.

    I will try and return it to Taurus, and if they can actually fix it, I MAY one day buy another Taurus product..but based on this gun, which I believe should never have been put on the market, I will probably NEVER buy Taurus again.

    I know this sounds harsh, but check around the web. The BAD reviews outweigh the Good big time.

  4. When I purchased my LCP, I held the TCP as well as the kel-tec. The Ruger simply felt better in my hand. The fit and finish on the Kel-tec made it a no-go. Yes, an additional magazine and free holster would have been nice, but ill live.
    As far as people criticizing the sights(or lack of) on the LCP, who needs them? Natural point of aim is all you need with such a short range weapon. I also don't see the NEED for a last round lockback. I've been trained to keep tabs on my ammo count, but its a good idea for everyone incase they find themselves in a bad situation.
    I have about 500 rounds of cheap remington and winchester ammo from Walmart down the pipe so far with no failures.

  5. Tcp

    Just ran another 100 rds through it with no problems. That makes 1100 with the only problem a hand loaded very short flat hollow point that loaded about 70% of the time. The same bullets I loaded into a 9mm would not even load any of the time and I had to finish them up by hand loading them into a smith to rid myself of them. The little TCP is a great gun with no problems.

    I have laughed at the people who pay 1000 or more for a Rohrbaugh and then the manufacture tells them to change the spring out every 200 rds. LMAO Really? Thats the kind of gun it is for that kind of money. LOL. Then they form for the littel POS says that it is designed to be carried a lot and shot little. WOW can they kick you any harder and take any more of your money?
    As P.T said theres one born every min.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B2Tall View Post
    Just an update on the Brazilian hit squad that Taurus sent after me when I complained to their customer service:

    The 30 of them showed up at my house last night. Fortunately they were all armed with Taurus products. In unison they all pulled their triggers. It sounded like I had a serious cricket problem, what with all the clicks I was hearing. You guessed it - all their weapons failed. I stepped forward armed only with my trusty LCP. With fear in their eyes and terror in their voices they screamed "Ruger!!!" and fled to the nearest police station to surrender.

    The End.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
    Your Nuts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketgeezer View Post
    Your Nuts
    What about my nuts??? Ohhhhh..."you're" nuts! Now I get it. I'll go along with that!

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    Buy the Ruger.

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    I own both of these guns - the Taurus in stainless and the Ruger in black. I shoot the Ruger better than the Taurus, but the Taurus comes with that neat carrying case by Bulldog. I like the Ruger over the Taurus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B2Tall View Post
    What about my nuts??? Ohhhhh..."you're" nuts! Now I get it. I'll go along with that!
    Well one way or another a lot of us are Nuts, but we are not school teachers that go around correcting other people all the time

  11. Just put another 250 rounds through the taurus and then miked it with no wear after over 1k rounds. Not a hickup in the feeding or ejecting. For me a blued gun is a waste of money. Stainless is the only way to fly.

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