Man fatally shoots himself outside gun show
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Thread: Man fatally shoots himself outside gun show

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    Man fatally shoots himself outside gun show

    Wow, I had planned on going here on Saturday, but I forgot about it.

    Man fatally shoots himself outside gun show

    A man fatally shot himself Saturday morning outside a gun show at the Toyota Arena, York County Deputy Coroner Steve Cosey said.

    The shooting, which was reported at 9:53 a.m., happened in the parking lot outside the arena, according to York County 911. The building on Friday kicked off the three-day Tri County Gun Show, which invites enthusiasts to check out or purchase new and antique weapons and ammunition.

    The man bought ammunition and a 12-gauge shotgun at the event, walked outside and shot himself in the head, Cosey said. It was not clear Saturday morning whether the shooting was intentional.

    "The manner (of death) is undetermined at this point," Cosey said. The shooting was "accidental or suicide. Those are the two choices."

    Authorities had not released the man's name or description as of Saturday afternoon.

    Beyond show's control: Show attendees are safety-checked multiple times, and no loaded weapons are allowed inside the event, said Bob Sarp, a spokesman for organizer Appalachian Promotions. The organization has no control over what happens in the parking lot, he said.

    "We've done literally thousands of shows all over the East Coast ... and we've never had anybody hurt, ever," he said.

    No one saw the incident, and only one person heard the shot, Sarp said.

    The show will continue through Sunday as planned.

    West Manchester Township police are investigating the shooting. Check back for details as they become available.
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    IMO, this is a sucide.

    People have rented pistols at gun ranges, and did the same thing.

    Unless he was looking down the pipe to see that red thing he just put in the chamber. Then pulled the start button.

    My heart goes out to his family.

    Life can be horrid, but never so bad to take your own life. All issues can be resolved.

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    Wow! I thought prices were coming down...
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    As written, it appeared intentional.
    Was this in York Couty, Pennsylvania?

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