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Thread: Good cheap target ammo

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    Cheap Target Ammo

    I try and visit three local WalMarts weekly as the WWB, Winchester White Box prices for 9 and 40 can't be beat. Online I use The have many of the calibers in stock but I try wait for MBI reloads.


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    I live in Vegas I buy federal 9mm for $9.97 / 50 and winchester 45acp $31.97 /100 cheapest I've found I get it all at Walmart

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    I use Walmart Win white box in .40 and .45 (all FMJ) for the range since its pretty much the cheapest and available everyday. Walmarts generally carry only white box or Federal down here but did find Win PDX in .45 (20 rd), which I picked up for about the same price as online.
    For my PD I have Winchester Ranger RA40TA (Talon) - .40S&W 165grn SXT from Tactical Defense Solutions. The price was $28/50 and shipped on time.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by clay5769 View Post
    Hi all whats a good cheap target ammo for hand guns in general ?
    I need .38 .357 .40 .45 9MM .380 just something for cutting paper..

    Well for me, i find my .40cal at walmart FMJ federal 13.97 a box of 50..also they have a good winchester too a little more at 16.97 per 50ct box and when they have it..45acp in federal fmj 15.97 a box..(mchigan Pricing)

    .38 and .380 kinda hard to find.. well at least for me and .380..

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    Georgia Arms

    If you can't find what you need at your local retailers, give Georgia Arms a try. I buy my .45 GAP practice ammo from them.

    Georgia Arms

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    Drop by Walmart every few days. Sooner or later you should hit some white box Winchester (100 rounds). 9mm is about $23 here in SC. Can't remember what .380 were, but I bought several boxes. They just lifted their box limit here in SC, maybe everywhere.

    Seriously, I have not found anything online that comes close to Walmart if you can find ammo there.

  8. Try these guys: Ammo For Sale : Cheap Ammo : Find Ammunition at

    Look at all the sites they search in the column on the left.

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