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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    So, my 10yr old son comes home a little while ago from playing in the woods. The 1st thing he said was: a 13yr old friend that he plays with regulary had a 22lr semi-automatic pistol.

    It appears his friend had found a 22lr pistol. (LOADED! and 3 additional magazines; LOADED! and around 200rds of LIVE ammo!)

    The boy wanted my son to hide the firearm. So, my son made sure the boy safely put the LOADED firearm in the trunk box on his ATV then my son took it to this boys aunts house and "safely" gave the gun to her.

    (Now I know some of you may think; "He should've just left it alone; and ran and got an adult." BUT! This 13yr old had it IN his possession, was already playing with it; and there were THREE other kids in the woods he had to be concerned about! I personally think, my son's actions may have helped avert a terrible tragedy.)

    I'm just THANKFUL to almighty God for keeping all four boys safe.


    I am so GLAD that I've taken the time to explain firearms and firearm safety to my son.


    I am so PROUD of him!

    (He KNEW a pistol was NOT something a 10, 11, 12 and 13yr old boy should be playing with.)

    He has NO curiosity for firearms because he is FULLY aware about mine and my wifes; and he knows he is welcome to go to the range and shoot them anytime.

    So to all those people who think:
    "I'll just keep the fact that they own or carry firearms a "secret" from their children----"

    and to those that think:
    A "SAFE" is the most important measure you can take to keep your children safe from firearms----

    I submit this thread for your contemplation.

    As of now, I haven't been able to talk to the aunt and determine "HOW" this 13yr old boy ended up with a LOADED 22lr pistol; 4 charged magazines and 200 rds of ammo.
    That's what good parenting can do. You and your son each deserve an attaboy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    It appears that the childs family is in the process of moving; and his dad had kept the handgun in the back of the closet because he had not yet moved the gunsafe.

    I hope that my wife and I can give everyone a "safety" refresher; then take the kids and their parents to the range.

    The parents are mortified and realized the mistake they made. They are also very thankful that my son was there and knew what to do to keep their son safe.

    I understand the boy is in DEEP do-do. But, I told my wife, he's just being a kid. (In my view, the "parents" are more to blame for this near tragedy.)
    Not yet moved the gunsafe is not an excuse (and it sounds like they know that). A good (steel) toolbox with a padlock will keep a handgun out of the wrongs hands. I used that when I was in college and living off-campus, and had a roommate that didn't know much about guns.

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    I'm glad all went well! I think in this case he did do the right thing! He was trying to make sure no one would get hurt! He contained it & didn't actually carry it! Very smart thinking ! He went to a trusted Adult with out stopping any where else! Most likely in his wisdom he felt leaving it might have caused an issue or someone getting hurt! Thankfully he understood the seriousness of the danger.
    Way to go Mom & Dad for teaching him,showing him & giving him a choice to choose when he wants to go with you! Sounds like your way ahead of the game with him!
    You done Good Young Man,,

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    TCox, "ya dun good".

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    Standing O for you and your son.

    I intend to be teaching my oldest this year and the other 3 when they're old enough to understand. My wife has been planning it into the curriculum.

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    Thanks for the good comments everyone.

    My wife talked to the "aunt" to whom my son carried the gun. She made a comment about how "Safe" he was at handling the pistol when he handed it to her. (He actually had to take the gun out of the toolbox on the atv because the aunt didn't know he was talking about a "REAL" gun. She at 1st thought they had found another old rusted bb gun.)

    This lady is fairly gun savy and a CWP holder who was shocked when actually saw it and she realized it was real.

    The boy is in big trouble and his parents are mortified by the thought of what could have happened.

    I did find out that the boy's dad had the pistol high up in the back of his closet for temporary storage. Needless to say he has learned a VERY valuable lesson; and is thankful that my son was there.

    My wife and I are working to plan a "safety" refresher for the children and thier parents.

    Please share this incident with others who THINK a gunsafe at home of keeping the guns a secret is the best way to keep their kids safe.

    Don't get me wrong a safe is a great thing! Keeping your firearms a "secret" may be fine "IF" you have very small children. But when they are old enough, I believe NOTHING beats education; when it comes to GUN safety!

    Thanks again for the good comments.

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