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  • .380

    25 6.63%
  • 9mm

    94 24.93%
  • 10mm

    4 1.06%
  • .38 special

    18 4.77%
  • .357 mag

    15 3.98%
  • .357 sig

    9 2.39%
  • .40 S&W

    71 18.83%
  • .45 acp

    129 34.22%
  • .454 Casull/.45 Colt

    0 0%
  • Other

    12 3.18%
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Thread: What caliber is your primary carry gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torch View Post
    I carry either a .45 1911 (Kimber) or a Keltec P32.

    Luke, what do you mean by 'permit'? Do you have to be permited to carry a specific weapon?
    Yep, in Nevada you have to Qualify ($10) with your weapon and then go down to the CCW office and get it added to your permit ($25). But supposedly they just passed if you have a revolver on your permit, you can then carry any revolver but I'm following up on that.

  3. XD-45 compact for hip
    Astra A70 for ankle
    Crappy little FIE .25 in pocket (hey it's better than throwing loose change!)

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    I usually carry my Pt140pro. i am waiting on the mailman to deliver a new holster for my new Ruger p345. I think It will be my new carry gun. If it's not obvious, it's a 45 :)

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    All of my pistols are 9mm at the moment. I am looking at getting into the 1911 game soon though. Do not know if I will carry it yet or not, that remains to be seen.

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    My primary Summer carry weapon is my Kahr PM9, 9mm. During winter months I switch off with my Para Ord P10 45cal or my glock 27 or 33. I have a few others I carry when wearing a holster. I usually pick out one, fire a few rounds and carry it for a while. May as well get some use out of them...;)
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    Primary is a Kimber Tactical Pro in .45 cal. Occasionally carry a S&W 9mm. Always carry a Kershaw/Onion Leek as backup.

  8. Primary carry weapon

    My primary is a Beretta PX4 Storm and my backup is a Ruger P94, both of which are in 40SW.

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    G30 primary.:D

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    Quote Originally Posted by XD45 View Post
    My primary CC gun is a Springfield XD-45. I use Federal HST 230gr .45acp.
    XD-45 Compact 4" using whatever hollow points are available in bulk at the time. I generally load 230 grain Remington Golden Sabers or Speer Gold Dots in front of 4.9 grains of Bullseye and Winchester Large Pistol primers.

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    According to dress, either a Glock 19 or 26 with standard pressure 124 gr. HST's. This Winter, I may switch to my G22 with 165 gr. HST's when in casual dress.
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