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  • .380

    25 6.63%
  • 9mm

    94 24.93%
  • 10mm

    4 1.06%
  • .38 special

    18 4.77%
  • .357 mag

    15 3.98%
  • .357 sig

    9 2.39%
  • .40 S&W

    71 18.83%
  • .45 acp

    129 34.22%
  • .454 Casull/.45 Colt

    0 0%
  • Other

    12 3.18%
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Thread: What caliber is your primary carry gun?

  1. .45 auto is my only carry round right now.

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    Primary is .40 S&W. But, occasionally 9mm.

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    I carry a Sccy CPX-1, which I LOVE. Fits in the waistband of a skirt or shorts without weighing me down. I used to carry our Lorcin .380 but pretty heavy for my purposes, and useless now that .380 ammo is being diverted to law enforcement (for our coming Police State). A Shame really, but the 9 mil suits me fine too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by use enough gun View Post
    Magnum Research BFR in 45/70, I'm not kidding. It's the most accurate revolver i've ever shot. Dave
    I guess so, you could just about reach the BG with the tip of your barrel

    My G33 (.357sig) so far is the only thing I have to carry. However, I just picked up a used Keltec P11(9mm) for less than a C-note. Once I have it all cleaned up and put enough rounds through it to consider it reliable, that'll be the BUG.
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    Mine just changed from a LCP .380 to a XD.45ACP Bi-Tone Tactical... what an UPGRADE! ;)

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    I carry a G36 daily. Right size, right caliber, and right weight.
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    im still waiting for my ccw here in arizona. I will carry a glock 27 with a 180gr hydra shock.

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    Primary is .40S&W. The vehicle for that cartridge is the Glock 27.

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    I voted .357 Sig because I mainly carry a Glock 31. But I also carry a Kahr CW45 (in .45 ACP, obviously) and a Sig 2022 in 9mm, depending on weather and event.
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    Main is a Smith and Wesson Model 65... Federal 357 Magnum 125 grain JHP, cartridge #357B... Simple and effective... For me there is something primal about the revolver... Simple too, No safety to off and a misfire is fixed with another pull of the trigger...
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