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Thread: Giving Your Firearm(s) A Name

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    Mine are as follows:

    Kahr PM9 - Junior
    Smith Model 60 - Smitty
    LCP - Elsie
    Smith 686 - Big Smitty

    These are more like codewords than names. That way I can say to my wife "I need to take Elsie to the car" and no one is the wiser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakeland Man View Post
    Mine , is Bertha as in "Big Bertha".
    One of the BUTT Sisters?
    "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

  4. me and my buddies love to name our guns. here a few..

    black 870 - black betty
    ruger .357 - the mistress
    s&w .357 - the sheppard
    browning a-bolt - the crusader

    i could go forever but i like the idea

  5. I don't name inanimate objects. Guns are just guns, cars are just cars.

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    When I first started carrying, sometimes while out in public, my wife would turn to me and say "Where's your gun?" or "Are you carrying?" At that point, I named my Glock "Carl". Now my wife asks "Where's Carl?" This works much better.

  7. I went off the manf name of mine, Tanfoglio. I refer to her as TANGO, yes it was odd.

  8. My mothers "Rosco".... make sure you take Rosco with you on your walk
    my dad's "bad boy" Hey dad your bad-boy is peakin out
    mine "nine iron" easy to use alot of golf terminology when talkin about guns ie. going to the club, hittin some rounds, put my clubs in the trunk

    the nicknames just make it easier to talk in some situations, the names just kinda happened, it wasnt a sit around the table and everyone pick a name deal. My dad gave my mom hers, and she started the whole badboy thing with my dad cause she thinks its funny and my dad said he got me a 9 iron... and I was like I havent played golf in years...and then it clicked

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    Good idea to give them names if you are going to talk about them in public.

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    I don't have names for them but when my wife and I sometimes exchanges emails from work we replace the word "gun" with "gnome". Makes it kinda funny. "Did you lock up the gnomes before you left?" "Has the gnomefood (=ammo) come in yet?"

  11. My Beretta PX4 = 'PiXie'

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