Giving Your Firearm(s) A Name
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Thread: Giving Your Firearm(s) A Name

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    Giving Your Firearm(s) A Name

    Got this idea from a thread in the Concealed Handgun Forumn here. I've got an XD-40 SC (Sub-Compact) and an XD-40 Service (4" barrel), both from Springfield Armory, both in .40cal. I really like these pistols and they each have their own name: Dean and Sam Winchester.

    The names came about when I first brought the Sub-Compact home w/some Winchester PDX rounds. I had needed to purchase something for the pistol, as a pistol w/no ammo is just a paper weight, right? I thought it might be fun to get the family involved by asking them if they wanted to give the pistol a special name. Wife said "How about Dean or Sam Winchester? Name it after the box of ammunition." The kids loved the idea - my daughter, Wife and I are all fans of the TV Show "Supernatural", which features the brothers Dean (the older, but shorter brother) and Sam Winchester (younger and taller), who hunt monsters, ghosts and demons.

    So, the Sub-Compact became known as Dean, which is fitting as Dean is the older, somewhat shorter more compact brother. Three weeks later I purchased the XD-40 Service (4" barrel) and it was immediately christened Sam, who is the younger, taller brother. The serial numbers bear this out, even, as Dean's is of a lower number group than Sam's.

    Do your firearms have a name?

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    Sorry for the apparently lame topic.....

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    Nope I dont name them, not a lame topic, just guess noone names their weapons. Its kinda a good way to introduce the weapons to the family and get a conversation going about them, basically getting them all involved in weapons.
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  5. I recommend seeking some professional help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony_I_Am View Post
    I recommend seeking some professional help.
    I recommend Suarez Int'l, Gunsite, Frontsight, or the Appleseed Project.

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    Thanks for the advice, fellas! Who do you guys use for professional help...? And do they accept insurance or require to pay cash as you go...?

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  8. Ok, Im not telling anyone about this, but I have names for my guns....

    G22- Sweet Nellie
    G20- Big Bertha
    G29- Baby Sweet
    AR-15- Arnie Fife...

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    I only have names for my shotgun (the Octagon), my 9mm (James Westfall), and my .44 mag (Dr. Kenneth Noisewater).

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    Alright, I'll fess up.... my:

    XD40, 4" - Tracy (has CrimsonTrace grips)

    Star 30M - Dottie (extremely accurate, named because it can "dot" an "i")

    Taurus 851 CIA .38Spl - Carrie (back-up carry)

    Mossberg 500 Cruiser - Bruiser (guess why)

    Ruger Mini-14 - Minnie (duh)

    ...few others but you get the point
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    I name mine so when my hubbie and I are going out, we can discuss them and people think we are just talking about the kids.

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