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    Definatly go with the 45 ACP rather than the 45GAP, ACP ammo is a lot easyer to find and much more varyed, as far as which to get, that really is personal preferance, we have G-26, G-27, G-36, and a G-21, my everyday carry goes back and forth between the 36 and 27, the better half was carrying the 26, but liked the taurus 709 better as a CCW, it does conceal easyer, but when we go to the range she wares out the 21, a G-33 may be in the near future, i just got to work on my gun guy a little more, LOL

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    Id get a Glock .40
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    you have a 9 and a 40 so why not get a .45 in the stable ? personally ,i feel the glock 30 is the softest shooting .45 i ever used. besides my 21 that is . accuracy is write up there with the H&K45 and p220. glock takes it in durability and longevity. The H&K is overbiult and over priced. with no worrie$ about ammo , the 30 is a great ,powerful choice with alot less recoil than the 10mm.
    the 30sf might be beter fitting than the 3mm larger non sf 30. it's 3mm in the trigger reach ,not the width.
    enjoy all your glocks
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    Talking overbuilt & overpriced????

    Quote Originally Posted by glock stock n barrel View Post
    The H&K is overbiult and over priced.
    I am forwarding your opinion to the H&K web board

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    im a .40 cal fan myself so id say the .40. im assuming no matter what gun you get now im sure you will at some point get the other one as well. go with what you want and will "play with" more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessepeakdotcom View Post
    Ok i know this is personal preference but i just want your opinions- i have a glock 26 sub compact 9mm, i have the glock 29 sub compact 10mm - these guns are super small, i just purchased the glock 19 - compact 9mm - i love the way this fits - perfect size for concealed carry but this gun also fits perfect in the hand- here is the question-

    im about to get another glock- should i get the compact .40 or the .45 gap???? Im not worried about ammo cost or anything like that- just which one would be a better gun, lol- im just asking personal opinions- thats all, taking a survey and i guess which ever glock gets more votes, im going to get that one - thanks fellas and fellerettes
    Use the same gun and ammo that the police use. It makes things more interesting that way. LOL!

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    Buy as many glocks as you want/can. I do!! But, as referenced once or twice, for the most versatility and common (as in, easily found) calibers, go with the .40 models. The 22, 23 and 27 are all capable of, SAFELY, dropping in replacement barrels to shoot .357 SIG and 9mm out of the same gun. You just use 9mm magazines if shooting 9mm, and you can even use the .40 mags to shoot the .357 rounds. But, if you HAVE to buy all new guns in all the different calibers, I completely understand.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ricardo900 View Post
    I am forwarding your opinion to the H&K web board
    It's not an opinion when it's fact.

    Then again, "H&K: We Hate You" always stands.

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