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Thread: Glock dry firing

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    Glock dry firing

    Ive heard so many people with thier personal opinions on dry firing your weapon- i went to a training facility in north carolina- they train corporate armed body guards- they had the students training using dry firing exercises- so i was just curious- what do you think- i dont see how dry firing will hurt your weapon- like i said im a die hard on glocks- so this question is more directed toward glock users - but anyone let me know

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Dry firing will not harm modern center-fire weapons.

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    glock ok to dry fire

    I agree. It is just fine to dry fire a Glock.
    There is some debate about using a snap cap when dry firing.
    Other pistols may have some issues with dry fire. Check them before excessive use.

    Wolf, don't .22 pistol's have an issue with dry firing?

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    i think most rimfire weapons are not good to dryfire. but i dont know for certain. i dont do it much on the ones i own.
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    wolfhunter Guest
    Iceman, dry firing with out a dummy case of some type is bad for all rim-fire firearms.Something like these should be used for any rim-fire.
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    My Glock manual for my G30 says it is ok.

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    Another good free alternative for rimfire snap caps. Take a spent or fired case and turn it so the pin strike is 90 degrees from the 12:00 position at say 3:00. Insert it into the chamber and hit it again. If need be use it 3 more times and then replace with another. The only issue that could arise is the inability of the extractor to pull the empty case out. I just get it with my finger nail..

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    I follow the manufacturer's recommendation. Glocks = just fine to dry fire. Same for Ruger Mark II. Some others, not. Read the manual.

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    You can. I don't. 20 years of firing glocks has stopped me from wanting to. any firing pin or metal part can go on you just being what it is. metal. i know people who df 100 times a day. 5 years and no damge then others get shipping labels to send thier gun in for repairs for over doing it. I don't even slingshot my slide unless i had to. Besides firing the glocks ,i put no excess pressure on any part. after yeats of owning glocks i can remember all the dry firing decreasing after the first year or so. i do it with a new gun test but not after that. you go ahead and dry fire away. glocks can take it ,no problem.
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