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  1. No to my knowledge. I have slipped occasionally and caught my shirt up at the wrong moment and no one was the wiser.

    I have noticed that there a lot of sheep around here. No one notices too much.

    They don't see the slip when you are in a crowd of people, but rather when that lady beside you in the store reaches for the beans.
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    Maybe I am weird, but I don't really care, I try to maintain concealment most of the time but there have been times when I have left my shirt tuck in behind my weapon on accident and went in to a store or such, and then noticed it later, I just cover it up and go on.............. And where I live most people don't git much excited over a GUN sighting!..........It must be A Okie thang!
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    Probably but I open carry enough that I don't care. People can be pretty oblivious, even to openly carried weapons. On more than one occasion, I have been talking to someone for some time before they noticed I was armed. I've made a few people myself. Just today I caught the sight of a holster on someone, he has come in to my store in uniform so I knew he was law enforcement. Another guy I just asked what kind of Glock was he carrying since it was poking out under his shirt. He was cool and just switched to OC.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rabywk View Post
    I believe I have been made by other CCW holders. I say this because I always notice them. Nothing has ever been said to me.

    But by the normal sheep, I don't think so.
    Same for me here, most of the people who seem to notice, seem to be carrying themselves.
    “I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, I won’t be laid a hand on...
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  6. Have you Been Made?

    Open Carry! That wopld be nice, but Florida does not provide for that option. You either go naaked or concealed! :(

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    While reaching up to grab a box off a high shelf in Home Depot once... not only did it come out,,, it fell out of my IWH onto the floor in front of an elderly lady who proceeded to show me hers in her purse and explain why it was a much better place to carry!!!

  8. Bad guy don't like holsters because when you toss a gun it is a dead give away.Paddles have made that different. I like belt clips. One on g27 also fitsg23 also one on Kel-tec p11 hides in shorts and tee shirt. Kimber ultra carry 3" also, is to heavy. Now what to do with in public rest room? Hang on door stop?

  9. Have you been made?

    Only my doctor knows for sure! Lol .. I went in for a prescription refill for one of my medications a few weeks ago, for some reason the doctor, much out of ordinary for medicine refills, decided to check me over. He got out his little rubber hammer and grabbed my left ankle to test my reflexes but quickly realized he'd grabbed on to something other than my ankle. My girlfriend started laughing, the doctor said, "what the hell is this and pulled up my pants leg?

    Needless to say he was shocked, he said, "you've never had this before, is this something new?" I told him, "well no, I've carried it for many years, but don't normally when I come here for regular visits, but this is the first time you've ever done more than just refill my prescription on a refill visit."

    Out of respect for him I asked him it it bothered him that I had it there and he said it didn't as long as I was licensed, and I showed him my license. Actually it was rather funny, the look on his face was priceless anyway.


  10. Quote Originally Posted by Doug1 View Post
    I have not been made as far as I know. I think people are so self-involved that they wouldn't notice if I oc'd a desert eagle. Maybe if I oc'd an AR. :D
    I agree, I had my cover shirt blow up like a cape while walking into a store and did not get so much as a second glance. My wife once asked me to give my cover shirt to our 18 year old daughter while in a restaurant, our daughter was cold and my wife did not realize that I was armed. I have not figured out what part of I carry all the time she does not understand.

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    Not yet. Concealed means concealed.
    Nuke'em til they glow then shoot them in the dark!

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