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I deal with some of the stupid criminals including one who watched to many drug dealers on TV. He was carrying a loaded handgun in the waistband of his baggy pants and when it started to slip down his pants he grabbed for it and shot himself in the leg. I had to laugh and ask him about the powder burns, he would not answer. I would suspect it made a lasting impression.
In general criminal types don't use holsters;



The offenders said they most often hid guns on their person in the front waistband, with the groin area and the small of the back nearly tied for second place. Some occasionally gave their weapons to another person to carry, "most often a female companion." None regularly used a holster, and about 40% at least sometimes carried a backup weapon."

I am not surprised by what you said.

It is funny. The bad guys don't wear holsters, and yet we may get hustled if someone sees us carrying a gun in a holster.