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Thread: What made you get your CCW?

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    Jumping in the pool...

    I believe this was covered before, but it got me thinking about why again.
    It was in the spring of 2004 and I had been to Fla. to visit family and my brother had been licensed there since the inception of concealed carry. Ohio had just passed it and my brother said " you should apply for yours." I wasn't sure that it was necessary but I bought a Smith 9mm from him for $200. That was my first gun since I was a teen in rural Ohio. I was still arguing in my own mind about the necessity of it when I was driving on the local xway which was under construction and could not go north as intended at the central interchange. I proceeced to the exit to the east and got off in a questionalble neighborhood. After a quick deter around I was at a light and noticed a fellow walking toward my truck with a funny look in his eyes. I always keep my doors locked and he just kept coming and grabbed the handle and jerked on it and said " open the door!" Of course I did not and immediatly ran the red light that I was at.
    That made my mind up. June 2004 was the month that they started taking applications and I went the first day and stood in line for 2 hr and then they closed for the day. Next time I went earlier. I bought a Kahr 9mm K9 and it was more suited for CCW and the story goes on from there. 30 pistols, 3 rifles, 4 shotguns, and 2 safes later I still believe that "I would rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it."
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    I haven't had any specific incident, but I have been watching our society deteriorate, and I don't like what I see! I live out in the country where I generally feel pretty safe, but I am home alone a lot since my husband travels a lot for business, and I work a closing shift at my job. Who knows when I might get stuck on my way home and someone might stop to "help". I've learned that not everyone who stops has good intentions... Since I can't carry a COP in my pocket, I want to be able to defend myself and my family if necessary.

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    I'm not going to tell you any war story or fairy tale. I got mine because I wanted one...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Hamberger View Post
    I'm not going to tell you any war story or fairy tale. I got mine because I wanted one...
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    Because I wanted to and have the God given right so.. Kinda just happened. I have been a gun fan for years.

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    i carry because 1 i want to and its my right to do so, and since i live in texas and the rest of my family and or friends live in california, noone is around to help if shtf so my 21 buddies (total rounds) will do the trick. also cause i have a gf who likes to carry those fancy coach bags and wear all the diamonds and stuff she can. rather be safe than sorry even tho i can handle my self fist to fist, but i choose to not look for the trouble.

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    I have a family, and it is my duty to protect them. It is my duty to do the right thing for those around me, even it they do not understand what is right. It is not only my duty, but my right to protect myself against attack. That is our God given right, not the governments right to decide for me. If not a gun, then a bow or a knife, or bare hands. We all have the right to survive, that is why a gun is often my companion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Hamberger View Post
    I'm not going to tell you any war story or fairy tale. I got mine because I wanted one...
    Me too Ed. :-)

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    We had a a few close calls with a truck/another car on the roads while riding our Harley! Hubby had issues on the roads while riding his Busa also! Road rage or just plan motorcycle haters! We've always rode & untill the last 5 years or so its never been this bad for us! Other than people lack of watching for us which seems the norm,
    Then a few yrs back a young couple was carjacked. Tortured & then some afterwards they were killed. They were taken just about 3-4 miles or so down the road from where we live to another location. Very sick monsters ! I drive that road all the time it was wearing on me just the thoughts of it!
    Growing up with a hateful set of parents,never wanting to endure any kind of physical attacks ever again!
    I'm a small female,have health issues! Physically I can't run or fight back.
    I feel totally safe with my hubby,but he not always around. Can't count on a cop when ones needed!
    I'm not one to depend on others for anything if its at all possible.
    Hubby felt it was time we got our permits & I was all for it! So glad we did!
    Like so many have said "Its Our Right!" & "I Can!!"

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    I got mine because:
    1. It is my 2nd Amend right - I started realizing the attack on all of our rights
    2. I wanted to be legal when I carry - even though I disagree with the whole license thing - Go Arizona!
    3. I see the world getting worse and the cops can't protect me - had my car broke into with nothing to steal; cop said they now will steal a t-shirt if they see it in the car
    4. BO and his gangsters in Wash DC helped accelerate and confirm my decision - I would have gotten it even if I didn't own a firearm because of what they are trying to do.

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