new beretta px4 storm 9mm subcom
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Thread: new beretta px4 storm 9mm subcom

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    new beretta px4 storm 9mm subcom

    excellent results day 1
    ate 3 brands premium ammo wthout a flaw.
    fed hst- 124grain
    win ranger-124 grain
    gold dot ,shrot bbl ,124 grain
    50 rds each plus another 100- wwb
    250 problem free rds on day 1 is quite adequate i would say ,agreed ?
    ergonomics are A+. both my wife and i agree. bought it for her anyway. now she don't have to extract her sig p250 out of purse and back in the nightstand at the day's close . the trigger is long light and just as smooth as the sig (almost). perfect for her although the sig has no thumb safety to be aware of. actually the p250's trigger is lighter and longer in travel. Oh Yeah ,the 13 rd mags have a biult in pinky extension that snaps open(down) and closed (up). A very cool feature i never seen before. works great for my large ,thick fingers. I wish glock had this feature on the 30 and 36. Pearce and scherer would loose big money selling pinky extensions. Beretta always had a high degree of fit and finish. Italian style biult wright here.
    She will have to muscle memory the thumb flick safety switch until it's ingrained. The choice is her's whether to keep a safety ON with NO pocket holster covering the trigger or OFF without a minimal, uncle mike's pocket holster gaurding the trigger. Unless she chose to get a gun purse with a seperate compartment for a firearm .
    Me ,i'm a .45 fan but even i thought about stealing this px4 subcom 9mm to use. it's very close in size to a glock 30,which i carry two of mostly every day. when clothing permits. IMO
    All you 9mm enthusiasts that are looking for a nice ,accurate subcom , beretta px4 storm 9para subcom will do it for ya.
    NEVER FORGET 9*11*01

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Pictures, or it didn't happen.

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    Sorry but i don't subscribe to that . look on beretta's website. Everyone looks the same.
    Maybe i'm just making it all up , disregard my whole post. lol
    Seriously though ,it's tough to find a negative review on this gun.
    NEVER FORGET 9*11*01

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