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Thread: MERCED COUNTY Down with PAZIN Campain

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    MERCED COUNTY Down with PAZIN Campain

    WTF Sheriff PAZIN, No Law biding Citizen Likes Him at the Local Lodges (ITLO) And I def wont be Voting for his reelection, Should he get it by now! Do what the Law Abiding Voters Want

    After All the LAW BIDING Citizens hard earned dollars in applications fees throw away without and explanation gone!

    I submitted my Application in Oct 09 and Get a letter back Late April saying They Could not accommodate me....WTF...WHY?

    I'm 46, Honorable Vet USMC, Local IT/Security Expert, With NO CRIMINAL RECORD, Unlike the rest of Merced and carried more security Clearances than this idiot Sheriff and he Denys me. WOW i Need to Rally the Locals.

    Somethings wrong when good people get treated like bad ones!

    Worst Regards for Pazin Political Future

    D Swauger
    IT/Security Expert

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    I think, in your shoes, I would relocate to a more reasonable neighborhood....
    The Iceman, Akron, Oh
    Shoot straight and be safe...

  4. If you want a permit get active and vocal...

    It sounds like you were not given due process. The below website can help you if you were denied your 14th Amendment rights.

    Concealed Firearm Carry Permit in California: Information Database

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    You might look in to a recall.
    Also see if the sheriff can be sued / charged with fraud for taking money, knowing that he is not going to issue the permit.

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    Is there anyway to find out how many applications were accepted. Number of permits granted, Number of permits denied?

    How much money are you out of?

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