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Thread: Current Gun Case before Supreme Court

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    You got it right,Maybejim!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOV5 View Post
    " I prefer to leave the gun rights up to the states.. "
    You are missing the whole point, in my humble opinion. The States don't have the right to control guns either. The whole idea of HAVING to CONTROL anything is it sends a subliminal message that what being controlled is EVIL. Guns are not EVIL. That philosophy is what we as gun owners and carriers are trying so hard to eliminate.

    "IF you do not like the gun laws in your state, then move."

    Oh yeah, just up and move away from that job that you've spent 15 years at, are now making some decent pay, and pull your wife away from her job too, and move to a place that may not be as nice to live, or have the same pay scales, just because your state legislature wants to keep tromping on the U.S. Constitution.
    What Are you thinking? That logic is OK if you work at jobs that pay at, or near, minimum wage. But for the rest of the people that are in career paying jobs, that logic fails miserably. And again, all because you won't get politically active in your State and Federal government to DEMAND these infringements on individual rights be stopped.

    "IF you turn this over to the Federal government, then it only takes a few people to swing things back .."

    We don't want to turn anything over to the Federal Govt. We want them to GIVE it BACK to us, where it is Constitutionally mandated to be, and end the abuse by Federal and State GOVTs of the U.S. Constitution.

    This liberal minded, long endured, Constitutionally abusing, mind numbing, political propaganda campaign has even done it's damage on YOU, as a gun owner and carrier.

    You, and me, are freemen, and want to remain that way. That is why our Country's founders WANTED us to be armed, so that we could protect ourselves against enemies.. even those from within...called politicians. They knew that freedom to vote was no good without a Constitution that limited the power of those that got VOTED into office.
    Excellent! Worth repeating!

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