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Thread: The most neglected part.....

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon View Post
    Of almost any semi auto.....
    Short version I am anal about my CC gun being clean, I pull a full take down weekly with daily inspection and mag checks..... So I am up in the gun room doing my weekly and I decide to unload the mag for a round check... As I slide out the rounds, Humm kind of sticky feeling....
    So I take apart my mag for a closer look.... heaps of fine dust have coated the spring and the inside walls, so I clean it and do a wipe down of everything with a very light oil, works like new....
    Had I needed the gun that could have easily been a FTF..... now averted.
    Don't use anything with oil, even a light pass with very little oil will actually attract oil. use a clean cloth in the mag and then you can wie the follower with silicone if you want. Just stay away from any oil. lightly oil your range mags if you want, but for carry, oil equals dust bunnies that wont go away unless you clean the mag again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
    Have you been checking the net for ammo? I've loaded up on a ton of.38spl. & .357 premium ammo on line, and at prices just as good as Wal-Mart USED to charge.
    Yes, just started that route. I need to find a place that will ship to MA and not cost me an arm and leg due to shipping costs. The laws here are designed to prevent gun owners from having freedom.

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    I think it was all the time doing range related duties in the Marines, but I find cleaning my weapons soothing. I usually clean my carry piece weekly - magazines too. I do use a very light coating of oil on my magazines, inside and out, but because I clean them weekly I see no real issues with them becoming dust magnets.

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    I break mine down and clean all parts with a simple silicone rag, then reassemble them. I do this every two weeks and they feed my rounds fluidly...
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  6. I disassemble and wipe out the mags for my pocket bug regularly. Even in a holster, they tend to collect dust.
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    I clean my any more once every 5 times I fire my gun (range time as I don't have my CC yet. After CC probably clean mag once every two weeks or so). It is the last thing I do and since I use Viva Paper Towels (Wonderful to clean a gun with) it is usually covered in hoppe's I run it through the mag then do a follow up clean with a Q-Tip. Let air dry for 10-15 minutes then reassemble, reload and slide it in.

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