Show and tell in first grade
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Thread: Show and tell in first grade

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    Show and tell in first grade

    Wait tell the liberals here this.
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    Seen that on the local news here (KHBS)...thats darn near in our back yard here..wonder how come the parents are leaving weapons layin around the house? Especially a "trained" military man? It's been a while since I was in the service but don't they teach gun safety anymore?
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    That's very disturbing. Obviously, he has not been properly trained in handling a gun. I realize a first grader is young. However, I had a lot more since than to take one to school at that age. I could have easily gotten a hold of one. If I had, it would not have been loaded. He needs some appropriate parental guidance.

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    it's really sad that parents can't be better parents. i teach my kids about guns. when they have questions or want to see or handle my weapons all they have to do is ask and we'll do it properly. i hate when i see these types of situations. it looks bad on gun owners.
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    Doesn't help gun owners' image any for sure. 7 years old is plenty old enough to know better if parents with guns in the home are doing their job.

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    Definite no-no!!

    It was 10 years after my last child move out before I brought my first weapon into the home. I just did not feel right about having one around my children when I returned from Viet Nam. I regret them not having the experience that I did growing up in rural Ohio and being around guns from an early age. I used to hunt when I was young but don't "feel the need to make things bleed' anymore and paper suits my need for practice for the real situation that we are preparing for.

    That child definitely needs some guidance....
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    For sure it a black eye for the cause of responsible gun ownership.
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    What's equally sad is that,though the liberal gun-grabbing media and politicians will call this a 'gun' issue, in reality,it is a parenting issue,not much different from the issues of smoking or drugs or sex,and no more,or less important.
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    The fact that the father was military is extremely bothersome for me, I thought they were taught proper gun safety???

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    Bad deal all around, being a military man and leaving guns not locked with having kids. safety first.
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