Thats the question. In as much as i want to get rid of this p250 , i just don't have any particular make or model in mind specifically. The p250c is a bute but i feel a sig should be all steel. imo .
The modular kits are about $300. and a .45 kit for it is not out of the question. I Guess just looking through a couple of lgs's will help decision making at this early stage in my choice to sell it. It's unfired and barely handled so hopefully i won't take a loss on it's purchase price. I'm a glock #1 , sig #2 guy and won't part with what i have grown confident in but this p250 is unfired and has been collecting dust for almost 2 yrs. Nice gun but my wife wont part with a px4 subcom 9mm so maybe a 9mm glock is in my future soon. Unless i can f ind a cfo sig 229 or 239. problems , problems... I only have 2 9mm's . Both beretta's , a hardchromed 92fs inox and the px4 subcom. Can't say nough about the baby px4 . I am strictly .45 oriented. Always have been. Cut my teth on.45's... I do however want more than 1 sub or compact(9mm) around for my wife to have available in different parts of the house. The px4 is her edc. Ultra reliable and accurate with minimal recoil. The 92fs is to big gripped for use by a petite women. It's just that the economy is bringing low prices for trades it seems. I don't want to loose money on it. I can always keep it i guess. Just don't know. Sometimes suggestions can steera person on a more deliberate path.
This should be the biggest problem i ever have. lol.