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    I am pretty new to long guns and even newer to scopes...
    My first few shots I had visions of that happening to me too, but luckily I got proper instruction so my eyes are still intact.

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    Answer: He picked up the rifle...
    Semper Fi

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    This is what happens when a dumbass grabs a rifle with no instruction. I have shot the heaviest of magnum rifle calibers in my lifetime, and never had a scope hit me in the face. This should not have happened, especially with a gas operated semi-auto like the Browning BAR. I have bolt actions in 338 Mag. 375 Win.Mag and 458 Win.Mag. Only the 338 and 375 have scopes, but I've never been "scoped" with them. You can see that he does not have a firm hold or the stock solidly against his shoulder. Plus he's bending over the hood, directly behind the rifle like a freakin' goof!
    Personally, I hate to see this stuff. I see these videos of these Morons on YouTube giving some young girl a 12 guage single shot with no instruction, and have her shoot it. When it slams her or knocks her down, there is a big laugh from the coneheads shooting the video, watching and waiting for it to happen. Ha, Ha... we just turned another female off to guns and shooting. What a great accomplishment. I'd love to be there and slap 'em.
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