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Thread: Austin TX home w/ tunnels containing guns etc.

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    Don't make me search for it but wasn't there a lady recently taken into "adult protective costody" for having 200 cats or something on that order? After a few questions by a few shrinks (alright a bunch of questions) they said she just loved cats and told the neighbors to get lost.

    An BTW all this stuff about "Adult Protectivce Custody" do any of you actually have any experience with it? Many years ago I had a Great-Aunt that was placed is such basically because none of the relatives would or could take care of her. Where was the "Hell Hole" she was placed. In the same one that some other relatives were in. The difference was that the other relatives had to pay for their being permitted to be in there while my Great-Aunt who didn't have a thing and had never had anything was permitted to stay for free.

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    Listen...anybody asks, you're building a storm cellar! Nobody says you have to define what kind of "storm" you're preparing for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    +1. Glad you were ale to get out. I do not even like to go down there on business. You know the slogan about "keep Austin Weird". Not much chance of it being anything but.
    Yeah Buddy, their weird Austin and the lack of planning over the decades resulted in one of the only 'cities' that doesn't have a loop, among other things.

    Glad to see someone else is of the same opinion HK4U

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