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    I just bought a Taurus 145 pro. It shots just a little low but functions very well has anyone had any problems after long use? I have only put about a 100 rounds through it.

  3. I don't have what you have but, I have a revolver a model 617 to be exact and I love it. I think Taurus makes a good product for the money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsportsman View Post
    I don't have what you have but, I have a revolver a model 617 to be exact and I love it. I think Taurus makes a good product for the money.
    So do I.
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    Got a PT92 from Taurus myself and have nothing but nice things to say. Couple thousand rounds through mine, only failures I've had were attributed to me (limp-wrist) or during the first 150 or so (break-in). Any failures (usually FTE) were remedied with "Tap, Rack, BANG." Been a LONG time since I had any failures of any kind. (Total failures < 5).

    Seriously considering their 1911 clone to get started on those in an inexpensive way.
    Taurus PT92
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    Your probably using the old sighting picture. With the Heinie sights you have to place the front dot over the bull, then bring the rear dot up to make a figure eight picture. I had the same problem until I was shown how to use Heinie sights. Now I can consistantly place my shots in the Bullseye at 15 yards. Try it.
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    I've been having the urge here and there to get the .40 version myself....

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    I had a 145 a couple a years ago. It had issues of light strikes and failure to eject with different brands of ammo. After a trip back (came back in worse shape), I got rid of it( full disclosure).

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    I have the PT 745 Pro and love it. No problems with it and it hides easy in the crossbreed holster.

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    PT140 Pro

    I've got a PT140 Pro that I've had for a handful of years. It was my EDC/FTC for 3 years. I've kept it clean and have never had a single problem with it. In fact, it's been dropped 3x now and still fires like it's right out of the box. This was my 2nd PT140. I bought a 1st generation PT140 and had a few FTE's and stovepipes during the 250-300 round break-in. No probs after that. Times got tough and I sold it. I later missed it and bought a new one, but a 2nd generation "Pro" model. The newer generation, the PT140 "Pro", was better than the 1st. There was no break-in period...it functioned beautifully from day one on the first shot. It's fired around 3,000 rounds now and still hasn't had a single problem, even after having been dropped.

    This year I finally bought a Springfield XD40, 4-inch. It's my EDC/FTC now, which I mainly carry openly. When I want to conceal, I still grab my PT140 Pro. 3,000 rounds without a single malfunction - I have no doubt as to its reliability in my mind. I hope you like yours.

    Actually - my ONLY complaint with it is the trigger system. The pull isn't quite as smooth as I'd like, and I don't like how long the trigger reset it. Minor detail and a matter of taste.

    BTW, my wife just got a Taurus 709 "slim" and we both love it so far. One of the two magazines kept ejecting upon firing. Sent it in to Taurus, and they sent me a new one about 2-3 weeks later. Haven't tried it yet but I'm confident it'll work fine. It's got an excellent trigger system! Wish my 140Pro had that trigger!
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    i have a pt140 pro. nothing bad to say in the functioning part of it. i even came off my horse an landed on it in deep sand, still worked fine. the only thing i dont like are the sights

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