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Thread: .40 cal ammo or whatever you use.

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    as far as what I carry. federal HST 180gr in my full size .40. 147 gr in my 9mm. 230gr in my .45
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    Winchester Ranger SXT 180g JHP - due to speed, ft/lbs, expansion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
    really? when did they change it? that's where I get my HST for all my pistols.. and I had a friend just buy some about 2 weeks ago or so.
    i just looked on friday then again on saturday and it states it at the bottom. thats where i got mine too, but now they wont unless ur a leo.

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    I've been using 180g Blazer Brass FMJ in my Taurus PT 24/7 .40 cal. Shoots fine!
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    federal 180 grain hst-jhp, xm40hc.

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    Go to your local gun shows when they are in town. You can purchase the "Ranger" ammo there. Also, check online gun auction sites such as "gunbroker". My son in law picked up some 165gr. Ranger from a guy on there. Seller said he had plenty of it.

  8. I am very loyal to 9mm because that is what I am most proficient with. I carry 147 grain federal hydra-shocks. Ive never had to use them, so I cannot tell you about their performance under fire.
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