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    North American Arms makes some small, cheap 22 pistols in a small package. My wife has the little fold up model.

    North American Arms

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    Hey Tim. My 9 and 7 year olds handle the Smith and wesson model 22 a-1 perfectly fine. Mackenzie, my 7 year old has a hand just big enough for it, it cost me about $230 and its accurate as you could ever believe. I think I hit a home run with that one personally. Great gun, great price. My kids also have their Henry mini-bolt 22s which, if I recall correctly, is what your kids have.

    only thing about the model 22 a-1... its a semi-auto.
    Cool. My dad actually has something similar to that. I'm not sure what brand it is, but I know it isn't a S&W. I do know it was dead-on accurate when I shot it last year. I'll have to look at it a little closer next time I visit him.

    I had been thinking a SA revolver for the intro to handgun mostly for the single shot effect, but I suppose I could just start out by only loading one round into the magazine of the semi auto.

    The rifle I have for her is a pink Davey Cricket single shot (pictured in my album). She was so excited when I opened the box to show her. My 3YO boy was too, but I think he'll be learning on the natural wood Mossberg instead.
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    JSDinTexas Guest
    6 is a little young - I was 8 and came from a military family for my 1st 22 lr single shot

  5. Well I have a Taurus model 617 which is a .357 and I love it. Taurus makes a solid gun and you can get a model 941 in .22 for under $350 new. A lot of people put these Taurus' down but, I love mine. It may not be as pretty as a S&W or Ruger but, a well made gun for the price. Taurus makes a bunch of models in .22 look around on there site. Good luck and be safe.

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    I like the Taurus 941 in 22 mag. It is a good gun and with its 4 inch barrel is very accurate. I think I got it for about $300 to $350 for it. It is a little big for my 6 year old but my 11 year old claims it for her's. Let us know what you settle on always looking for reports on 22's that are used for training.
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