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Thread: TSA Guidelines for transporting a firearm on aircraft.

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    I had worried about the 'hassel' with checking in a firearm. I have traveled by air a couple of times now with my carry gun and had no problems.

    The policies do vary from airport to airport and the TSA in inconsistant. Just carry a printed copy of the TSA rules and the individual air line rules that you are flying on.

    We do need to exercise our carry rights to keep these folks aware that it is fine and legal citizens do carry firearms. Just follow the rules.


  3. I take a weapon everytime I travel - just to get them used to it.

    Last time, checking in at about 10pm at PBI, I got a bit of a hassle from the Delta clerks. When I opened my weapon case and showed them my NAA Mini-revolver, they started laughing. Said that thing wouldn't even suffice to throw at someone.

    Since that was all I could carry where I was going, I avoided any provocative statements like asking for a volunteer.

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