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    On average I go to the range 3 or so times per month and shoot ~200 rounds of each caliber I am shooting. In order to only buy ammo once every couple months I would need to have over 3000 round of ammo at the house at any given time. Add in my roommate/landlords ammo and the number more than doubles. i'm fairly certain if I ever committed a crime and my house was subsequently searched the press would report that I had a "hoard" of ammunition for my "catch" of weapons (or more likely "arsenal").... just saying...

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    Hoarding is not an appropriate term for ammo. Mass storage or building an inventory sounds much better. Preparation for long term shooting without resupply works also.

  4. Never hoard, but you do need a LARGE supply of necessary items. Yes you need enough supplies to take care of your family just in case your out of work or hurt. NEVER HOARD just quietly collect. There will never be anyone that cares for you or your family better than you. Thank you for reminding me. Have a good day.

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    Buying in bulk is not hoarding, I think.

    I don't hoard ammo, but I do buy some regularly, and have found myself buying mostly in bulk - I don't have a compulsive hoarding problem, but may have a bulk buying problem

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    I don't care what anyone says having a few hundred thousand round of ammo around is not hoarding, it's called being preepaired.....
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    Is that a hundred thousand per gun?

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    I don't hoard - I just don't have time to shoot enough to use up what I buy. Since I've switched over to steel cased ammo for my ARs, I can afford a LOT more ammo. Just picked up a 1000 rounds of Tula for $189. :)

    I'll be getting another case in December if the price holds.

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    For those who do not reload--start picking up components when possible. Your neighbor may be a reloader and that may make a huge difference.

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    I buy 12g shells in the 100 packs and slugs/buckshot in the 15 pack at Wally World. The last time I checked, what ever I am shooting at doesn't care where my ammo came from.

    I do a lot of reloading for both metallic and shotshells. Some days it is cheap to buy at Walmarts on certain things and other days it is cheaper to reload.

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