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    Thanks to Wally World, we now have price standards to go by.
    I wonder if they are making any particular Performance standards to justify the cost??

  3. Mac Ammo


    I have a ruger LCP. Put about 3 magazines of this ammo though it yesterday. It performed flawlessly. After about 50 total rounds, the gun seemed to have less powder build up than usual. By the way, FWIW, I carefully put a dab of white paint on the front and rear sights, and it increased range accuracy. While during a confrontation the sights may not be used, the "muscle training" from using them at the range should improve point and shoot accuracy. By the way, Wally World does not offer 9MM LAW ENFORCEMENT QUALITY/ PERSONAL PROTECTION ammo for 19.99 for 40 (or 50) rounds. (They do offer a WB Winchester "personal protection" at 50 rounds for about $16. Their better Winchester PP ammo in the black boxes is 20 rounds for over $20.) Their $9.47 per box ammo is TARGET ammo. Let's not confuse apples and oranges. The 380 ammo I purchased was at Guns Galore (a real gun store-not online) for 23.95 retail, and saw it at another real gun store for 25.95 retail. The 19.99 price online IS a wholesale price. Why else would anyone buy 480 rounds of Personal Protection ammo except for retail marketing?
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    Best online ammo site I've found is Ammunition-To-Go, Good prices and a huge selection of both personal protection and range ammo. Service is fabulous. They ship same day and I usually get it in 3 days max. I hate Wally World ammo as mine only carries WWB, which is cheap, but very dirty.

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