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Thread: Right handed and left eye dominant- HELP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post
    As I understand it, it is a woman's prerogative to just claim that M&P as your own and tell him to go get his own.
    I like your way of thinking!!

    Thank you all for the helpful suggestions!! The hubby and I will be headed to the range in the next few days so I can try all of this out. I really hate using my left hand so I have high hopes for these stance mods.

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    I suffered an injury to my right eye when I was about 18. Although I fully recovered it ended a promising baseball career. A couple years later after missing too many dove and pheasants, I figured out my dominance had shifted while my eye healed.

    I simply started closing my left eye while shooting which forced me to use my right to aim. Now it's second nature. Still do it 30 years later. Good luck.

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    Eye dominance with handguns

    Provided that your eyes have equal visual acuity, I strongly believe that it is entirely possible to re-train away from cross-dominance.
    Typically, a person will develop dominance in the eye that was/is the strongest (before any correction).

    The human body is an amazing thing, able to compensate for just about anything. People who lose the use of one hand, for example, will become proficient with the other with practice--it simply requires re-training of the brain and muscles.

    When I first started shooting, I found that I was LEFT eye dominant but RIGHT handed. By tipping your head slightly, you can line up your left eye with the sights in virtually any shooting stance. I learned to do this from an this article on cross-dominant eyes:

    The cross-dominant eyes: corrections are easy | Guns Magazine | Find Articles at BNET

    I decided that I wasn't 100% happy with this solution, so last Fall I decided to re-train my brain to use my RIGHT eye for sighting (I wear glasses so both eyes should be equal in terms of visual acuity...without glasses, my left eye has historically been stronger than my right, which is why I think I developed left eye dominance). After about a week of self-correcting, I was able to re-train my brain to use my RIGHT eye for sighting.

    It has been a few months since that exercise, and I find that I now sight with the RIGHT EYE automatically (btw, I shoot with BOTH EYES OPEN! Use of both eyes provides additional DEPTH perception over the use of a single source of vision ... ask anyone who is good with physics or someone who is an eye doctor). I can sight with the left, but my first inclination is to use the RIGHT (so no more cross-dominance issues).

    Do your own experiment and see if it works for you.

    Happy and safe shooting!

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    I am a lefty who is right eye dominant. I shoot handguns left handed and adjust the sights to my right eye. With rifles and shotguns I switch over and shoot right handed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topspeed View Post
    I am a lefty who is right eye dominant. I shoot handguns left handed and adjust the sights to my right eye. With rifles and shotguns I switch over and shoot right handed.
    Exactly the same thing I do... and all along I thought I was unique

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    I don't mean to sound judgmental, but I don't see what all the fuss is about. I am in the same boat. When I started shooting, it became clear that I just needed to close my left eye and sight with my right. If it's the only eye open, how can there be a problem?

    Yeah, it feels awkward. It's not natural to do this. If you're gonna close one eye, it would normally be the right one.

    But, right off the bat, I made closing my left eye part of my "motion" and it has worked just fine. I have no problem whatsoever sighting and am a good shot. It doesn't feel weird any more.

    My only concern is that if the S were ever to HTF, would I "remember" to close my left and sight with my right? The more I practice, the more likely that will be true.

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