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    Was wondering how you guys feel about keeping mags loaded for long periods of time. Have heard not good for the springs.

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    it doesn't hurt the springs at all. they don't get tired from staying loaded.

    The shooting sports are full of some of the most knowledgeable and capable people you'll meet anywhere. I've been impressed consistently with the abilities of those I meet at the range to diagnose and fix a gun problem with as little as some spray lube and a cotton swab. However, sometimes a myth will creep into the folklore.

    The magazine spring myth has been around for many years and is growing in popularity. It goes something like this: "You should unload your magazines when they're not in use or the spring will weaken causing failures to feed." This has gone as far as shooting competitors actually unloading their magazines between stages to extend the life of their springs. A variant of this myth is: "You should never load a magazine to capacity and should always leave it one round short." What if you need that round some day?

    Recently, I read an article in a gun magazine suggesting you rotate your magazines so the ones not in use can "recover and rest." The same author uses the phrase "spring-set" to describe weakness of a spring because it was compressed for a long time. Hogwash. There's nothing further from the truth. Springs don't care how long they're compressed and don't require rest, recreation or even a vacation from time to time.

    Shameful Spring Benders

    read the rest here:
    Magazine spring madness: 'creep' to your 'elastic limit' to un-earth the urban legend of 'spring-set' | American Handgunner | Find Articles at BNET
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  4. True that the springs wont weaken but the constant pressure on the feed lips may deform them if loaded for a long time. If the lips are aluminum or plastic then they can deform to the point where the mag will not feed right. Steel mags dont have the same problem.

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    There have been several threads on this site with related information that refutes and concurs that theory. I was able to find a thread that addressed that very issue that occurred between some engineers. It is contained in a thread here on this site titled "Cocked & Locked 1911".. Use the thread search tools and you will find many others to read and enjoy...

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