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Thread: OC or CC?

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    OC or CC?

    Both are legal in my state. I have my CPL, but I was wondering how often any of you catch any unwanted attention from the Police for Openly Carrying your firearm. I usually CC, but not all of my shirts conceal my weapon the best, and in some cases, I just want to Open Carry.
    Im just a little concerned to get a call for a MWAG, and if I do, I wont have a problem presenting the proper identifications [DL and CPL]
    So yeah, my question is, what are Pros and Cons to both Open Carry and Concealed Carry? What kind of negative attention do you draw to yourself, if any? How often do you get a MWAG call?

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    While OC is a nice idea, I prefer CC. Now I am in Florida so we don't have OC.

    But forget the laws for a second, I think CC affords you an advantage of a surprise attack when confronted by a threat. Although OC would make a BG near you think twice about doing something since your in close proximity. Therefore the threat may be neutralized even before anything happens. When thinking about this further, both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. I guess it will boil down to the laws in your state and comfort of having to choose OC or CC.
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    Concealed carry may give you the element of surprize. Open carry may discourage an aggressor and a situation may not arise because you would be perceived as a deterrent to an evil action. On the other hand, open carry may make you a target. You pays your money, you takes your chances.

    I do both, open and concealed. Since I own the only gun shop in town most all the police, sheriff deputies, etc., know me and also know that open carry is ok in this state. When I travel I usually only conceal as that leads to less hassle. I also know the rules here and make a concerted effort to stay within them.

    When confronted when in open carry mode by a stranger I try to be polite but firm. I have a wonderful fund of knowledge that you can also acquire from this organization, the NRA, and so many others that I can't list them all. Use that knowledge to engage in polite discourse: "I carry for safety's sake." "I carry because I'm disabled and cannot take a chance on a criminal getting physical." "I carry a gun because I know that there are bad people out there who are just waiting for a chance to rob people like you and me and since the police can't be here all the time I feel a need to protect myself, family and friends. And, since I live in a free state unlike that where you come from I can." etc.

    When all else fails, "If you really believe that I'm an antediluvian thug who only desires to intimidate or harm poor innocent people like you, why are you bothering me?" and

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    Fellow Michigander here

    Greetings from SW Michigan. I've been OCing consistently for a year and a half in Michigan and have yet to have a negative LEO encounter. The only attention that I've recieved from police while Ocing has been a nod - that's it. Of course, there have been negative LEO interactions but they've become much fewer and farther inbetween. I belong to OCDO (opencarry.org) and we've made awesome progress in this state in regards to OC. Seems like the only place we still run into problems is over by Detroit.

    As far as the MWAG calls go, 911 operators state-wide have been trained in properly dealing with MWAG calls. Where they used to just send a unit to the location where the MWAG call was placed, NOW they ask the proper questions first. Example:

    Caller: There's a guy here at (Meijer) with a gun...
    911 OP: Is it in a holster?
    Caller: Yeah.
    911 OP: Does he seem to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs? What's he doing?
    Caller: He seems normal, right now he's looking thru the cereal isle...
    911 OP: Well, sir/ma'am, the open carry of a gun is legal in the state of Michigan, so unless he's breaking a law, there's no action for us to take....

    I'm sorry to point you to another forum but if you're interested in OCing, particularly in Michigan, I strongly recommend visiting OCDO. Go to opencarry.org ' s home page, click on "our forums", scroll down to Michigan and click. You'll find a wealth of knowledge and experiences and the best protocols for dealing with an LEO encounter while OCing. Seiously, there's a ton of invaluable info there that I highly recommend for delving into OC. Particularly, the "wash, rinse, repeat" thread, which is oriented specifically for dealing with LEOs.

    Good luck in your ventures and carry ON. (btw, I also go by "hopnpop" on that site, too, if you want to PM me any questions or what-not)
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    CC in TX only unless your a LEO. OC on your own land or in your house (not in your vehicle - must be concealed even if you have a CHL).
    Personnaly, I feel CC is better for the element of surprise in defense and OC is giving your hand away - and I know that at my workplace, full of tree-hugging eco-veggies, even talking about guns scares hell outta them. (I work in Austin unfortunently, the liberal and gay capital of the weak and easily excited).

  7. CC is good if you're in doubt about where you can and can't carry. If you're OC-ing, you better be sure you're well versed in all gun laws.

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    Thank you guys for the support and advice. Im still concerned to OC but, hey I cant knock it unless I try it right?
    Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier....One died for your soul; the other for your freedom.

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    "Open carry may discourage an aggressor and a situation may not arise because you would be perceived as a deterrent to an evil action." NMHUNTER

    I'm completely for the DETERRENT factor. Just wish our State was. I'm sure there is possible scenarios concerning being targeted because you OC. But I also think most BG's don't think that far ahead. Most crime is a chance opportunity, not a well thought out plan. I would think that if most BG's see someone OC. They would think he/she might be an LEO and avoid any confrontation. PLUS I would find it much more comfortable if I could OC verses CC. (after all it is all about my comfort)

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    I have heard people on this site talk about open carry in Pennsylvania, but I, myself, have never seen it, except with a holiday parade participant. Pennsylvania is a state where it is not legally prohibited, but there is also no specific law for it either. It is my understanding that open carry is specifically disallowed in the city of Philadelphia. Open carry on one's business and residence is allowed in Pennsylvania.

    If properly prepared for, I would think that concealed carry can be just a quick and effective as open carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itstjs View Post
    Thank you guys for the support and advice. Im still concerned to OC but, hey I cant knock it unless I try it right?
    I just CC here in Indiana even though I could OC. Personal preference is all. Also, I don't want to get testy with some newbie LEO out to change the world, it could become a problem for me in the long run. I'll stick to my low profile.

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