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Thread: What is the minimum caliber you need to feel safe?

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    I think it has less to do with the caliber of the gun and more with the comfort and training with it. I know I've used some 9mm's that I was absolutely terrible with and the recoil screwed me over for a follow-up shot and then used some particularly heavy 45s that a follow-up shot and much much easier. I mean if you can be dead-on with a 22 pistol but can't hit a broad side of a barn with a larger caliber, the choice is obvious. I mean I'd love to carry around an XD45 with 13 rounds of 45 ready to go, but with the comfort level I have with my 229, I wouldn't trade it for the bigger hole.

  3. My first choice would be my .45, but I bought the M&P9 because ammo is going through the roof and I like to shoot. I feel very comfortable with the 9mm. If for some reason I can't hit the perp with the first two, I have 15 more tries.

    The bare minimum would be a .38. I carry my 642 loaded with SGDHP 135gr+P. I also carry a speed strip. In no way do I feel out gunned with this setup. nice and light with plenty of power.
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    I feel ok going w/ out a gun but prefer to carry just in case. A .32 is fine for most any evening out but I normally have the .380. sometimes bigger
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    For me the .380 is usually a BUG. If I couldn't carry a .45ACP or 9MM, I wouldn't feel too bad carrying the .380. But .380 is the minimum cal. I would choose to defend myself.

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    a 380 keltec in the front pocket most of the year here in florida..naa mini, 9mm derringer backup...two days a year when i can wear a jacket, i strap on my 9mm MAC...i am looking forward to those days...gpr

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    I carry either a 45 or a 32, both ACP :).

    The P3AT was new and impossible to get when I bought my P32. I would prefer the 380 but have to settle for the 32. I think the next carry only pistol I buy will be the Keltec PF-9, until then I have to either carry my Kimber or settle for the little 32.

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    9mm is my minimum. I'm thinking seriously about picking up a nice .38+p hammerless snubbie for a bug, though.

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    P3AT with Cor-bon or Speer Gold Dots is minimum. Have also carried Llama 1911's in .22,.32, and .380 cal. Prefer my Colt, Sig, or Kimber in .45 acp.

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    I carry a 1911. Sometimes I carry my XD9.

    The minimum I would carry is a 9 Luger or .38 Special

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    Any weapon available at the time I needed one would make me feel good! A well placed shot with a 22cal will do the job. Most so called professional hits use a silencer and the most popular is a 22cal with sub-sonic ammo. In order to silence a weapon you must use sub-sonic ammo. Anything that has a muzzle velocity of less than 1100 fps can be silenced, so placement is key. Personally I like to at least have a 9mm on me but if I need a smaller weapon for concealment I do use a .380. .25 auto is out of the question. Remember a face full of 25's will only piss off the assaulter!:D

    (Disclaimer: Notice the smiley...I'm being sarcastic!;) )
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