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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post
    Look for weapons with electronic primers and caseless ammo: Electronic primer ignition system - Patent 5485786 and HK G11 RIFLE WITH CASELESS AMMUNITION
    if i'm not mistaken Daisy or some one in the '60's came out with a .22 that was caseless and electronicaly fired.

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    Jeepy, I can see Firestorm technology replacing the GAU-series of multi-barreled guns.
    I can see that too but the A-10 just wouldn't look the same without the rotating barrels. I hear those things can shoot all the ammo on board in a ridiculously short amount of time. 2 minutes or less?

    So with regards to the caseless ammo... Having no case eliminates the need to extract a spent casing (eliminating problems with extractors and broken casings) but, without a case aren't the powder and possibly the primer exposed to the elements? It seems like a step back to the days of black powder getting wet and becoming useless.

    Additionally the bolt still moves to the rear but only to load the next round? I definitely like the advantage of having no casings left behind to let the BG know you were ever there.

    Looking at the drawing in the link wolfhunter provided, I thought something looked familiar. That magazine looks like it operates the same as the P-90. I don't have any experience with one of those, are they reliable? That's just for the HK G11 right. Caseless ammo doesn't necessarily have to feed like that does it?
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    Jeepy, the tests the G11 underwent included submersion and high humidity conditions. The weapon and rounds worked fine. The big drawback was cost. IIRC, the propellant of the caseless round is compressed and sealed to keep out the elements.

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