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    Man, what a find

    Although i dabble in severl brands of firearms ,my main focus always seemed to beGlock , Sig and beretta's. I just like those brands and feel they are quality products. Just never took to H&K's. Great guns but i feel they are overpriced. They are surely overbuilt so i guess your getting your money worth.
    Anyway i happened into my lgs and the man was laying several items out onto the counter. I noticed 2 glocks and pcked both of them up before he deal was even done with the shop. I'm known enough in there to do that and get away with it. I put dibbs on one of them then stepped back. When all was said and done i walked out ith a 2003 glock 30 that had two mags run through it. 20rds.
    This 30 is pristine and spent its entire time in the mans safe. Looks it to. I like the older glocks better. 2nd gen's. This is a 2nd gen ,non riled glock 30 that fires flawlessly. The other glock was a beat u p 17 that i wanted nothing to do with. I don't fancy 9mm pistols. I have a few .40's but i'm a .45 guy from way back. I think the older the glock the better built it is. I have yet tog et lucky enough to find a .45 glock with Austrian proofs on it but i do have a mint 17 rom oversea. One of two 9 mm's i own for the fun of it. Hell , i think i might have only 2 boxes of 9mm ranger ammo if i'm lucky. Anyway its great finding unexpected beauties.
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    Sweet... My fiance carries a Glock 19 that has the Austrian proof marks. I took some pics of it and you can see it in my album.

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