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    Crazy story I heard..

    Here is a crazy story I heard and I want to get others' thoughts on it (is it possible, have you heard this, etc). (For the record I'm not sure I believe it)

    There was a guy out west somewhere who decided to try something a little nutty. Basically what he did was to take a rifle round case (I think it was a .375 but I'm not sure), welded shut the primer hole and filled it with lead shot. He then runs this thing through a series of dies to close the end.

    The next step was to take this creation and load it as the projectile in a .50 BMG round. He fired it at a coyote and basically made a pink cloud.

    I have a few questions:
    1) What would cause this thing to open up? The description makes it sound like it opened in flight.
    2) How would this handle the rifling down the barrel? Bullets are designed to deform into the rifling. I don't know about this concoction.
    3) Why?

    And that doesn't even get into the ballistics of this thing.


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    Thats nothing more than a fairy tale IMO.

    Using a rifle case for the basis is possible but not practical. Being brass & fired at BMG velocities the round should obturate enough to give a modicum of accuracy but thats where this story ends.

    Assuming the case was closed off a yote is way to thin skinned not to mentoin light bodied to cause projectile of that size to initiate expansion.

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    Boomer - that's kind of what I was thinking. I wish I could remember more details (Cartridge used for the projectile, where this happened, etc). The big issue for me is how the cartridge would work with the rifling of the gun, and what would cause this thing to open. I think the effect he was going for was a long-range shotgun.

    I was wondering if anyone else had heard this story.

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    The intense energy would cause the brass to flow into the rifling (obturate) thereby stabilizing the "bullet".

    What would cause it to open up downrange is anyone's guess.

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