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Thread: 5.7x28..... Man stopper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnerbob View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SGB View Post
    Got to agree with the above.
    No I don't. ;) I'd like to see some vidoes of you shrugging off some hits from a 5.7x28mm.

    I know, I know.... that's a dumb comment.
    I want to see anybody shrug off any round.

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    I give the FN is a fine weapon, but is we were to look at cost/manstopper, FN and a box of good SD ammo out the door..$1100. compact Glock 45 and a box of SD ammo out the door, $600.??????? and does anybody really have a use for a small bullit that may go through light armor? and even if it does, you would have to hit a vital spot, I think I'd rather put him or her down

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    Quote Originally Posted by NRA UR2 View Post
    Every year or so several of these pipsqueak rounds appear and like magic they disappear almost as fast. Overpenetrating lightweight rounds serve no real purpose except to tantalize the airheads amongst us. In the blink off an eye they'll be gone. Sounds like were about ready for the 10mm Gumbah(anecked down 10mm shoopting a 9mm bullet) at say 2100 feet per second, from a 4in barrel. Ruger woul;dd call it the 10mm SAG. Sig would call it the 4o magnum, and Smith the 357 NITRO.
    Also known as a 9 X 25 Dillion and out of a 6" barrel could hit about 1800 fps and about 800-900 ft lbs M.E.
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