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Thread: What's Your Magazine Capacity?

  1. Isn't this slightly 9mm-centric? Where's the 5-shot 38 snubbie? Heck, or ye olde 1911?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Dave View Post
    Isn't this slightly 9mm-centric? Where's the 5-shot 38 snubbie? Heck, or ye olde 1911?
    Sorry Dr Dave. Ill make a poll in the near future to incude wheel guns. I was looking at the chart and saw the majority of people had under 9 rounds. Didnt dawn on me that a lot of ppl carry revolvers and was making that category the majority.

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    1911, single stack, 7+1.
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  5. Sig P229DAK .40 S&W

    12+1 in the gun, a spare mag (12) in an old canvas Gerber multi-tool carrier, and another mag (10 - from my days of living in the PDRK) in cargo shorts pocket, when applicable.

    I agree with all those that state that after all they've got in the gun, the BG shouldn't be coming at them anymore. I also have to say that I've seen too many guys empty 30 rd mags, or 100rd belts during combat and swear they just squeezed off only a couple of rounds. Obviously the circumstances were a little different, but don't underestimate how stress may compress your seemingly abundant ammo into an empty mag and a bad tactical situation. The second magazine may save your life - not necessarily because it equals more shots, but because you may take a moment to assess just what it is that you're doing. Hopefully, you won't face that situation, ever. As we've all learned or relearned of late, "HOPE" is not a course of action.

    Carry a gun you can be effective with. Carry all the reloads that you reasonably can, and vary your training to help build situation awareness on where you are on your ammo supply, and how to manage your reloads and the decisions you make to sustain an engagement, or break contact. The goal is to effectively defend yourself, your loved ones, and the innocent around us. How you accomplish that with the tools you carry may vary with the situation, and everyone needs to wrap their cranium around the idea that "it depends" is usually the starting point for a more thoughtful and effective answer to the tactical situations out there. If you wed yourself to a single, rigid answer for every situation and think you've got it all covered, you may set yourself up for bad results.

    Be prepared, be safe, and god bless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Dave View Post
    Taurus 617 357 mag. 7+7+7. Federal 125gr JHP (yes, Marshall and Sanow). Sometimes Speer Gold Dots.
    Gotta love the Federal 357B cartridge. BANG!!!

    If the bullet don't kill 'em the sheer shock will..

    I load those or the Hornady Critical Defense 125gr .357 Mags

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    baby desert eagle .40 caliber 12 +1 with extra 12 round magazine.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    H&K USP40, 13+1, with a spare 13.
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    handgonnetoter Guest
    12 + 1, and 12 in a backup mag. If that is not enough, I'm in over my head.

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    Taurus 24/7 9mm 17+1 with one spare mag,loaded with Winchester 147gr PDX1.
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    My 1911 mag holds seven, and my Kimber holds one in the pipe. I'm good with that cause I'm holden two more mags just like the first one.


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