NC man caps son intruder...
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Thread: NC man caps son intruder...

  1. NC man caps son intruder...

    Just goes to show...When you need the cops they are only 20 minutes away!

    Sanford, N.C. A 71-year-old Sanford man shot and killed his son who was banging and kicking on his door and threatening to kill him late Friday, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

    Investigators said that Neil Miller heard someone walking around his house at 4613 Carbonton Road, west of Sanford, around 11:30 p.m., so he called 911. A man started banging on the door and kicked out one of its panels.

    When the man yelled, the homeowner said he recognized his son, Ricky Dean Miller. Investigators said that Ricky Miller yelled that if his father didn't open the door, he would kill his father.

    Neil Miller told authorities that he felt his life was in danger, so he got a shotgun and fired through a hole in the door. He was still on the phone with 911 dispatchers at the time.

    Investigators said that Ricky Miller was shot once in the chest and pronounced dead at the scene. He was not armed.

    Neil Miller said his son had come to live with him after being released from prison in Virginia five months, investigators said. The father said that he had told his son to leave the house a week ago and hadn't seen him again until Friday night.

    Investigators took Neil Miller into custody and released him after questioning.

    No charges have been filed, but authorities said the investigation was ongoing. Investigators plan to talk with the Lee County District Attorney's Office Monday.

    An autopsy will be performed on the body of Ricky Miller at the Office of the State Chief Medical Examiner in Chapel Hill.

    Investigators: Sanford man shot, killed son kicking door ::

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    That's some seriously sad stuff. What a shame a set of lives has to go in that direction.
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    Real nice Father's day story. I swear the kids today are out of control! I couldn't imagine ever telling my father I was going to kill him, what a mess. The world has really gone to hell.

  5. Happy fathers day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    That's some seriously sad stuff. What a shame a set of lives has to go in that direction.
    It is incredibly sad, but it does not seem like his son was idly threatening him.
    The son had been kicked out of the home. I'm sure there was good reason for that.
    He returned and not only threatened to kill his father, but was in the process of destroying the door.
    He knew it was his son and he knew his son was capable of violence.
    Only one shot was fired. This seems to be the big one for me. Threat stopped, that is all.

    It sucks, but the alternative would be to submit to a beating that would be life-threatening even if it didn't kill directly. Even minor injuries can be lethal when the person is elderly.

  7. I wanted to chirp about this but Booga beat me to it. You said it all Booga, nailed it right on the head as far as I see it...

    The Dove

  8. Sounds like the father saved the tax payer some money.
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    I feel for the old gentleman...

    I have been having trouble with my youngest son in about the same reguards. I told my wife I would not want to shoot my own son but it is too hard to tell who you are dealing with in the dark and he has been dressing in dark clothes and the police are looking for him every other week. I know he is up to no good and it won't be long till we are just a couple of other victims...
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    Iceman is on it - some of your own relatives are the most dangerous. Personally, I would never have let my felon child back in the house - pay for a fleabag hotel, get a new refrigerator and give them the box, get them a one way bus ticket to somewhere - but for heavens sake don't start enabling them, your help starts getting expected then and anger follows when they don't get it. I've been through this scenerio once - it will not happen ever again.

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    What a horror show. Don't know that I could ever shoot one of my own sons.
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