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Thread: What If...A tail of road rage

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    I get out of my Beemer W/ a revolver and throw down on the guy and his son. Then I have my GF steal their video camera and truck keys, ( which I dump in the sewer at the end of the street)

    Would have been easier to just post the video
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    Comeing back from a recent trip to the range I left my AK underfolder in the car, there is a conveniant place for it next to the seat, and though what ther hell I'll just leave it there, and I see this post, now this may or may not bu the correct thing to do, but if in your mind you truly can not get away, Bubba would not get in stricking distance with his bat, and if #1 moron keeps comeing at you when you get out with a AK pointed at his dumb ass, then shoot and keep the gene pool from being futher polluted, not sure how it would go in court, becuse being in the car may or may not change the jurys mind, but at permit class we were told, several times if what you see is a genuine threat comes to within 21 ft with a weapon in hand you are justified to shoot

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    Saw that Beemer vid, I would have to add after getting his camera, keys, and whatever, when leaveing I would have to shoot out his Bubba trucks tires

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    As a retired LEO I would stand my ground outside of the rental car and maybe even move away from the car. Let him bash the hell out of the car I don't care. But do not approach me with the bat, if you get within 7 yard's of me you will see my weapon just prior to seeing a flash and there will be no warning about drop the bat etc. save that crap for T.V. I can articulate to a jury that I was in fear for my life. I got out of the car and moved away as far as I could and he had my avenues of escape blocked Etc. Etc.

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