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    This video

    is a few years old. We had a thread on PDO about it two or three years ago. The comment made by the guy on the cell phone was that the woman was stupid but I don't believe there were any racially inciteful remarks. If I remember correctly, the big guy was convicted of aggravated theft of the guy's cell phone (he had recently been released from a 2 or 3 year prison term for assault). The behavior of the manager and customers was also an item of concern; notice the manager retreats behind the counter and that 2-3 customers actually turn their backs on the poor guy on the ground getting beaten.
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    If I had been the dude that got sucker punched, once the violence reached that stage, I would have pulled my cannister of O.C. spray, that I always carry, and would have administered a healthy dose to end the fray.
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