The gun groups that work for us, mainly GOA and JPFO, need to change their mindset from DEFENSE to OFFENSE. We spend way too much time on DEFENSE, responding to absurd rhetoric thrown at us gun owners by the opposition. What we need, as gun owners, is for the GOA, etc. to start a "TET OFFENSIVE" type attack on the groups who want us out of business and silenced.

You mean to tell me that all of the Brady Bunch are a group of choir boys, and girls? I want the GOA to start a full background investigation on their members and start finding some DIRT...and then take that Dirt to the airways. And I don't mean on the Glenn Beck show either. No offense to Beck lovers, but he alienates us to most folks..just like Ted Nugent does. I want this Dirt on TV on a Major network news show.

We need to expose these hypocrits for what they are. And while they are trying to re-polish the tarnished image we have exposed about them, they will not be able to attack us. I am sick and tired of always being on the defense about a rights that are written into our Constitution. It's time for a change in attitude and tactics from our so-called Defenders. And by the way, NRA isn't one of our Defenders either.

Contact your Grassroots people and start the ball rolling. Heck, it should be easy to come up with embarrassing, and probably even illegal, stuff on these clowns. They'll see what it is like to constantly have to keep warding off attacks, and will get "gun-shy" ( pardon the pun) about coming after us so much. If we get enough good Dirt, they'll stop coming after us permanently, because it won't be worth the effort to wake us up.