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Thread: Clarification on Texas CCL Law

  1. Clarification on Texas CCL Law

    I posted this in the Texas section, but have net received any response. Just wondering if anyone has an opinion.

    I stopped by a liquor store the other day to pick up a bottle of wine for a get together my wife and I were having. I noticed a sign near the entrance which stated that it was against state law to carry a concealed weapon on the premises punishable by up to 10 yrs and a fine up to $10,000. This sign was right next to another sign stating that drinking on the premises was against the law. Unless I'm reading wrong, the Texas CCL law only applies to businesses who sell alcohol (51%+) which is consumed on the premises. Am I reading the law wrong, or is there an additional law which I am not aware of?

    Also, I have seen no mention in the Texas law prohibiting concealed carry in banks and malls. Can someone clarify these issues for me?

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    I just posted a reply in the TX section.
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    MY CCL instructor told us look for the "30.06" citation in the read. Any other posting was not accepatable,(except for, the red 51%, a couthouse, a school, a church, and other exceptions... Most of the liquor stores in my area state, "The unlicensed forbiden"
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