western 351 S.L.R. ammo
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Thread: western 351 S.L.R. ammo

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    western 351 S.L.R. ammo

    i have a box of old western 351 S.L.R. ammo that came from my grandfathers store when he sold it about 40 yrs. ago. the box is not in realy good shape but the ammo is in pretty good shape as i have it stored in a ziplock bag. i belive this is mabee a rare round as i haven't heared of it before or seen it any where else. any info would be helpfull. thanks.

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    The Winchester Western 351 Self Loading Rifle ammunition dates from around 1907 to 1957, See the gun that uses it here: JoeSalter.com - Details for Winchester M.1907 S.L. .351 rifle

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    I have my grandfathers 351 WSL and no ammo, if interested they are selling at Old Wester Scrounger for $40, if you don't have a gun to shoot the ammo in I would like to buy it from you if you care to sell. Frank

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    When I went to Old Western Scrounger all I could find was older 351 ammo that they were selling for $3 and $4 per shell. This would be $150 and $200 per box. I would think that new ammo would be less. If you shoot old ammo keep in mind that if the primer is dome shaped(instead of flat) it might be corrosive primed. Can still be shot but clean well after stooting.

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    They and 1 other site has a box for $39.95-49.95
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