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    Quote Originally Posted by KimberPB View Post
    Thanks JJFlash. Do you suggest taking the class with you primary carry gun or something along the lines of a service/tactical size pistol? I've taken several classes with my Kimber Ultra Carry II and it's always performed well but since the mag capacity is so low I always end up running one mag in the gun and 4 extra's on my hip. Is there a minimal round count per evolution?

    Sorry for all the questions! lol.
    That's a toughie, KPB. I carry what I train with (the afore-mentioned .45 XD service model). And even at 13 capacity, I'm always stuffing mags. I take 3 mags with me and even then I'm hustling to load up (I'm taking 4 next time). So, there's no minimal count but you're expected to be ready when you're up. Your low mag capacity will keep you jumping.

    When I approach the line, to date, I have 3 mags loaded up and a pocketful of ammo so I don't have to keep running back to the table to grab more. And too, if you run your weapon out of ammo during testing, you lose points, as you're expected to be doing tactical reloads as you go.

    Having said all that, of course your best chance at good scores is gonna be with the weapon you train with, IMO. So...
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by KimberPB View Post
    You don't have much room for error on those hostage targets!
    No, you don't. To practice, try a 3x5 card, verticle, at 20 feet. That's not perfect but it's close enough.

    The head shots are not timed but you never know when they'll come up. Either the target turns back or the range master calls for a head shot and you take your time and plug'em in the eye! Actually, the hardest shots for me were shooting the 1" squares. Little suckers seem to move around a lot when you're trying to hit them. There was quite a difference between my 1" shots at the beginning of the weekend and those at the end.


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    I would also recommend signing up for their newsletters. They are always offering specials, and especially if you don't need a gun, you can find some sweet deals. Mine was the "Don't Tread On Me" campaign where we sent copies of the DTOM flag to the President and our sentors, and for participating, we were offered a limited lifetime membership for $419! I bought two! Mine allows unlimited attendance in the 2 or 4 day pistol or rifle class. They also offered me a cheap upgrade to diamond level, but I didn't have the $$. Colorado is close enough that I will probably drive when I go so I don't have to hassle with shipping my guns & ammo.

    One thing you can do to prepare in advance is order their "Dry Fire Practice Manual" and Practice, Practice, Practice.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GSDMan View Post
    Total - 3050.00
    Thanx JJFlash and Jim.. Since I'm unemployed presently, nowhere near on my list presently, but frequently thinking about it and the numbers help me to judge a rough budget for the future.. Very helpful..

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    Thanks for the info everyone!
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    Temporary lowered price

    Front Sight is running a reality show challenge, putting it's members up against LEOs & military in shooting competition. While they are doing this, they have reduced the price of their 4 day handgun plus 38 state CCW & free gun to $1199. You access this price thru

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    I've trained a total of 36 days at Front Sight so far. I've made Distinguished Grad with the handgun both left and right handed and the key is dry practice. I made Graduate my first time there. The instructors told me that if I dry practiced several times a week for awhile, I would definitely make DG on my next trip. They were right. For right handed (I'm a lefty) I started dry practicing 4x a week for 2 months before taking the class. I fired less than 100 live rounds at the range. I also practiced clearing malfunctions and reloads. Then I made DG on my first attempt.

    If you're serious about DG at your 1st class, I would recommend buying their dry practice manual for handgun. I believe it costs $40, but it shows all of the techniques for everything (grip, stance, after action drills, malfunctions, presenting from the holster, etc...). It even describes the skills test so you can prepare for it in advance. I run the skills test at my local range, only the targets don't turn.

    Thanks for your great story about your experience.

    Now if I could only DG the !#$%# rifle skills test! It's kicked my butt 3 times now.
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    Congrats Darrell, that's great! I'm sure if you keep practicing you'll get there.
    I can't wait for my first FS trip this fall.
    I bought my pistol dry practice manual but haven't had a chance to read or use it yet.

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    That's an excellent trip report. Thanks much for going into so much detail.

    I live in the Las Vegas valley (Henderson) and am/was interested in some of their training courses since it's a short drive from my home.

    However, I've done some research on Dr. Ignatius Piazza and am more than a bit skeptical of some of his (past?) business practices. One of the recent comments that I've heard is that the level of staff expertise has diminished considerably in recent months due to the outcome(s) of legal proceedings against Front Sight.

    I see in the nice pictures you've posted above that the "staff" is fully outfitted and actively coaching/supervising the ranges. However, part of what I'm hearing now (Oct 2010) is that the majority of the range and coaching staff is comprised of regular students. Can any of this be true?

  11. Well, I'll let you know in Dec. I'm going back for another 4 day DH course + a 2 day Skill Builder.

    Yeah, I read about the lawsuits and the scientology stuff before my first class. As long as no one tries to convert me I don't much care about the scientology. Everybody believes in something and who am I to tell them they're wrong? Most of the lawsuits have been resolved, most in FS's favor but not all, and I haven't heard about any new ones. This is the first I've heard about the instructors; I'll keep an eye out. I know they completed construction on the new ranges and are supposed to have started construction on the long awaited bathrooms.

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