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Thread: Storing Ammo in Ammo Cans

  1. Ammo has to be stored properly, keep your old boxes plastic containers always.
    When bullets are bought like those 100 rds boxes of 9mm Winchester super cheap at walmart put them in boxes. Or primers get damaged casings can be deformed and accidents will inevitably happen.

  3. I use the 5x7" deluxe cloth bags (available at uline) to store ammo in. I Sharpie the date and ammo specs on each bag and store it in an ammo can with a couple of the small desiccant packs. I have one (or more) ammo cans for each caliber of ammo and it works great.

    We shoot so much in our house that we're constantly cycling out ammo, but I've had some ammo stored this way for 10+ years with no adverse affects.


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    I have several 50 cal. ammo cans full of bulk .223 and 45 acp, and a few with 12 gauge buckshot and slugs. I occassionally shoot some and rotate some out. Never had any problems. Been doing it for years. The main thing is keep them in a dry and somewhat cool place, like a closet. I also would not use bulk storage if you are going to be hauling them around alot in a car or something. The constant vibration and rubbing against each other would have to cause damage sooner or later. In that case, I would leave them in the boxes.
    Just a note: about a year ago, I opened an old ammo can in a storage building that belonged to my grandfather and later my Dad. It contained bulk 45 ACP ammo. Most of it had 1960's stampings on it from the Vietnam War. It still shoots well in my pistols. I also have some World War II 45 that I bought about 10 years ago that shoots as good.
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  5. Try shooting some to reduce inventory. I write the purchase date (mm/yyyy) on my boxes to keep rolling the supply over and keep manufacturer running.

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    I still have a little 60's 308 sitting about. Works just fine. Still in the ammo cans it came in. And you are right--should be rotating it.

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