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    Exclamation road trip TO&E

    TO&E is what the military calls the Table of equipment and allowances.

    We have had numerous threads about what we carry daily for a stroll about the town but what do you think of what is really required for a road trip?
    1. Reciprocity Map (especially if you are crossing several states)
    2. Your daily carry gear (firearm, mags, watch, wallet, spectacles, pocket knife tactical light etc)
    3. An extra box of ammo or two (you never know when a range opportunity might come up out of blue)
    4. first aid kit (I personally favor the batman bandaids)
    5. tool kit
    6. small cleaning kit for you weapon (needed for that range opportunity)
    7. snacks and gator-aid/water (you ain't gonna go thirsty are you?)
    8. bug out bag/kit/vest (you just never know now days)

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    I have come to be partial to my GPS.

    A cell phone of course.


    Tent and sleeping bag. Never know when you might have to spend some time out doors even if that was not in your plans.

    Not only water but I like to have a small portable water purifier along.
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    Festus' list plus Cell phone (Android w/compass, GPS & Maps) and cash.
    Truck BOB has compass, 1stAid kit, Survival blanket, tarps, machete, and tools along with other goodies.

  5. When I left home for Colorado last spring, I included enough ammo to cover my return home under adverse conditions. Ammo for the handguns I brought plus an AR with extra mags and 500 rounds. Brought my tinfoil hat too.

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    I would add a fire extinguisher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    I have come to be partial to my GPS.

    A cell phone of course.

    It may not be convenient to some people but i just the gps on my cell phone. To me it works just as good as a regular gps unit. One other thing i can think i would have to have on a road trip is my laptop!

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    Glock and ammo - the rest I buy when I get there so I don't have to lug it around. Well, ok, a bottle of water and clean underwear, too.

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