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It may have changed, but you used to, in the city, IF you had a permit, your pistol had to be listed on the permit.. That means if you purchase a new pistol, or sell an old pistol your permit has to be updated..
I moved from the NY area 13 years ago.. I have NO desire to return!!!
IF you don't absolutely HAVE to move there.. DON"T.. You will be taxed to death and get little to nothing for it.. Example.. When I left, it cost $7.00 to cross a bridge (going and coming).. And that's OK I guess, but the bridge had not been painted in 40+ years. Now mind you, I was not the only one crossing the bridge, there are 10's of thousands crossing the bridge every day.. Where does all that $$$ go.. Think about it.. Let's say 10,000 cars pass over the bridge a day ( I think that is a low estimate).. That's $70,000 a day.. times 7 (a week) that's $490,000/week, times 52 (a Year) that's about $25.5 Million a year for One bridge, there are multiple toll bridges in the city.. You have $25 million a year and you can't paint the bridge in 40+ years???
WTF happens to all that $$$???
Sorry, I'll get off my soap box.. IF you have to go.. Start making plans to leave as well!!!
If you are talking about the Verrazano Narrows Bridge? It's $11 now.

I agree with the above posters, people are trying to move out of NY, not move in.