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Thread: Have You Named Your Gun?

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    My grandmother has a Taurus .357 revolver she named "Bertha" after the German howitzers from WW I. My grandfather named his rifle "Robert E. Lee" - not sure if it was after the man or the car.

    I have yet to be able to come up with a suitable name for my parkerized 9mm semiauto. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. :)
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    I have only named my Kimber, and AR. My Kimber is sensative like a female, likes to be pampered and taken out to be shown off, so I named her... Kimberly (How approriate is that?) I've named my AR Jihad...Go figure...
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    I started this thread for fun, nothing more. But I had entertained the thought of naming my guns. I used to really enjoy the Mike Hammer TV show and think of "Betsy" often. So, considering my two handguns, I'm thinking brother and sister. And because they throw brass and I have to stoop down to pick it up so I can reload, I'm thinking this:
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    "The Heater"
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    No but I used to work with a woman that called her's Lucille.
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    .....two of mine got named by me and a shooting buddy. The Mossberg 500 got "the *****" 'cuz it handles the dirty work. The loaded M1A with 4-12 scope got "ma bell" 'cuz you can reach out and touch someone.

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    I tell my wife when I carry I call my weapon my "friend"
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