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Thread: Is Ammo Back?

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    Smile Haven't really experienced any problems here at home

    I live in a small one Burro township here in NC. We only have one Sporting Goods Store, and they always have had a good supply of handgun ammo for all calibers, ie; .22, .25, .380, 9mm, .357 mag, .45acp, (those are the calibers of my handguns). They may not have the exact brand and type of rd your looking for, but they'll have a box of something in the caliber you need. (I just picked up several boxes of .380 Winchester Bonded PDX1 ammo from them!).
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    wolfhunter Guest
    No .380 or .45ACP here today.

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    The walmarts around here usually have everything in stock. To my suprise they had 100rd boxes on Federal .223 the last time I went.

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    Hmmm, we've had .223 (5.56) pretty much all along.

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    The local Bimart in Salem, Or. had pretty much full shelves, but not the 00 buckshot I was looking for.

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    The local Walmart I buy at was fully stocked the other day. They even had .380!!! I think the drought has ended.

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    Now I'm going to have to go to Wally World and see for myself. Just can't stand the store.

    I did received via email from the Armory in Va. (THE ARMORY guns, firearms, ammunition, ammo, accessories, equipment, reloading, muzzloading) They do have some really great prices, even with shipping costs!

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    Went to both kmart and walmart today still nothing

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    The stores in my area have plenty of ammo, even Cabelas. My local gunshop has replaced their signs limiting ammo purchases to 2 boxes, with ones saying there is no longer any limits. Their shelves are full.

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    The Walmart closest to me has been stocked lately. I bought some 9mm, .380, .223, and 12 gauge target loads. They had several boxes of 100 count in all but the .380, and those were in 50's. I walked out of there with 200 rounds of each. It's been a while since I bought from them so I'm not certain, but I think the prices went down a little bit.

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