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    Well, its obvious that the problem is that there simply aren't enough cops. What we need is a cop on every street corner, in every business, every mall. But this is a big country, we can't afford that many police officers... I've got it! What if we got armed volunteers to serve the security functions of the police force. We could do a background check, give them some training. They wouldn't make arrests or do investigations, only maintain an armed presence for security purposes. And to really keep the bad guys guessing, these volunteers would keep their weapon concealed and go through their normal daily routine so the bad guys would never know when a "victim" might shoot back. Or could it be that the places with lower crime rates are already doing this?

  3. The problem is lose of moral fiber in our people. I live in a gun frindly area and most of us have 5 acreas or more and shoot at own backstops. Good back stops are needed. Yesterday grand kid and myself out in back heard neighbor (about 1000 yards away)shoot his 44mag.First shoot ricochet next 2 ok/ 4 th one sounded like a morter coming in and landed about 50 feet from us.I screemed look out and he shot no more.Last night at 12 0clock one of my other neighbors let of 2 rounds from his mag.We are our own worst enemy.

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    I made bullet traps out of old tires filled with sand,and my entire property slopes downhill to a creekbed,then comes back up a little bit and levels off.I am always shooting towards the dirt,whenever I shoot,so even if I miss,it still hits the ground.I like to think that I'm all about safety.I even had a deputy sherrif complement me on my set up once.
    Give everybody guns.
    Natural selection will cull out the idiots.

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    well said brainchild, i feel exactly the same way but i don't feel better yet. the only time in my life i've ever seen this country on the same page was for the few months after 911. there after everyone slowly went back to the same old crap. it's so sad to see this country this way and i don't see any relief.
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    Katie Couric, while interviewing a Marine sniper, asked:

    'What do you feel when you shoot a Terrorist?'

    The Marine shrugged and replied,

    'A slight recoil.'

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  6. tinley park shooting

    I buy ammo at the ****'s sporting goods right there in the same shopping center.They also sell long guns which surprises me as it's cook county.Another reason for conceal carry.

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    I am pro Vermont! let everyone carry and keep the idiot bad guys guessing and thinking twice about being a jackass.

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    I grew up in Illinios and there is not a more liberal state when it comes to guns. I left to join the military and never looked back. I will not return until folks are allowed to defend themselves as is their God given right. Florida is just fine.

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